Scholarships for newly admitted students

2023-2024 academic year

Scholarships for the Winners of the Intellectual Olympiad

Scholarships cover: 100% and 50% tuition
Important! The Scholarship does not include stipend and accommodation fees. The Scholarship does not cover student and medical fees, fines, library fees, any deposits and other
Duration: 4 academic years (cannot be extended)
Quantity: 13 with 100% and 13 with 50% tuition
Citizenship: any
Selection criteria: 2023 graduates of Kazakhstan high/vocational school
Date: March 19, 2023 (Sunday)
Starting time: 10.00
Location: The Olympiad will be held offline on KIMEP University campus for all applicants from Almaty and regions
Application deadline: March 1, 2023 inclusively

This information is intended for applicants entering the programs of the following Colleges:
– Bang College of Business
– College of Social Sciences
– College of Education and Humanities

For applicants of “International Law” and “Jurisprudence”, an Olympiad will be held in the form of a Debate Tournament. The detailed information about the Debate Tournament is published here.

How to apply for the KIMEP Intellectual Olympiad:
1. Fill out the Registration form.
2. Upload an electronic copy of the identity card/passport.
3. Download a copy of the certificate from the school/college, which confirms graduation (11/12).
4. If you have IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo certificates, download valid copies or take the KEPT – a free online English proficiency test of KIMEP University. For more information about registering for KEPT, please contact the Admissions Office (uao@kimep.kz , +7 (727)2704213, 8 707 1704213).
5. Expect a letter from us confirming the status of your application.

Participants with incomplete application will not be allowed to participate in the Olympiad


This year the KIMEP Intellectual Olympiad will be conducted offline on KIMEP University campus and will consist of 2 stages:

Stage 1. English Proficiency – until March 10 (inclusively)

Participants can provide international IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo certificates or take the KIMEP University’s free English proficiency test (the KEPT is valid only for KIMEP University).
Passing score for the second stage: KEPT 80 / IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL IBT 70 / Duolingo 85.
Students who have scored passing points will be invited to the second stage of the Olympiad.

Stage 2. Math Exam / History Exam / Exam

Important! All exams will be held in English on March 19, 2023 on KIMEP University campus

Math Exam

The Olympiad participants applying for “Management”, “Marketing”, “Finance”, “Accounting and Audit”, “Information Systems”, “Economics”, “Cognitive Sciences” will take Math Exam.
Exam duration: 2 hours

Exam participants are evaluated based on the results of solving mathematical tasks. The proposed mathematical tasks are not standard and can be compared with classical tasks of the Olympiad type. Competitors are expected to demonstrate their logical and analytical thinking.

Exam structure:
Competitors will be given six Mathematics problems to solve. They consist of:
– 2 easy problems, based on high school program (worth 10 points each);
– 2 medium problems using logical thinking (worth 15 points each);
– 2 advanced problems of Olympiad level (worth 25 points each).
The correct solution of each problem is estimated at 25 points
Evaluation criteria:
The Mathematics Olympiad Selection Committee will make decisions regarding each competitor’s grades in mathematics. Competitors in the field of mathematics are expected to provide full detailed solutions and answers to the problems they were asked in their paper. Original and creative solutions will be encouraged and appreciated.

To prepare for the Mathematics Exam, you can use the following sources:
1) pdf-file in Russian “Collection of tasks in Mathematics for those entering the technical universities under the editorship of M.I.Skanavi” with answers inside;
2) pdf-file in Russian “Collection of tasks for a written examination in Mathematics for the course of secondary school. 11 grade. G.V.Dorofeev”. Answers to the collection in Russian here;
3) pdf-file in Russian“Mathematical olympiads for schoolchildren. I.S.Petrakov” with answers inside;
4) pdf-file in Russian “The tasks of mathematical olympiads. I.L.Babinskaya” with the answers inside;
5) Any other sources of such manual.

History exam

The Olympiad participants applying for “International Relations”, “Journalism”, “Public and Municipal Administration“, “Psychology” will take History Exam.
Exam duration: 2 hours

Exam structure:
1. Multiple choice test, includes 30 questions about World History. The total amount of points is equal to 30.
To prepare for the World History Exam, you can use the following source:
1) pdf-file in Russian “The World History. Social and humanitarian direction. Part 2. R.R.Kairbekova”.

2. Writing essay in English. The essay must be written in at least 500 words. Correct spelling and grammar are taken into account. The maximum score for an essay is 70 points.
Essay writing is divided into the following stages:

    • Brief introduction:

– the introduction should contain justification(s) of the relevance of the chosen topic;
– it should present the argument of your essay to the reader.

    • Main part:

– this part of your essay would answer in an organized and logical way the questions as part of the topic;
– the main part must persuade and convince the reader (and marker) that you understand the topic well. Every sentence and every paragraph should be relevant to the question, and provide a step-by-step link in the development of the argument.

    • Conclusion:

– the conclusion should summarize the main points and arguments of the essay.

Essay topics in 2023 for the History exam:
General topic is: “Jaña Qazaqstan” (New Kazakhstan)
Subtopics: will be given during the exam


Competitors, who are applying for one of the following programs, will take a separate Exam: “Translation Studies”, “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”.
Exam duration: 2 hours
Exam structure:
1. Multiple choice test, includes 30 questions about World History. The total amount of points is equal to 30.
To prepare for the World History Exam, you can use the following source:
1) pdf-file in Russian “The World History. Social and humanitarian direction. Part 2. R.R.Kairbekova”.
2. Writing essay in English.
Number of words: from 250 to 500 words.
Essay topics in 2023 for Exam:
General topic is: related to translation studies, language teaching and learning
Subtopics: will be given during the exam

The finished essay should be in line with the following requirements:
1. Is the introduction short, clear and corresponds to the topic?
2. Do you formulate one main and clear idea in each paragraph?
3. Are the paragraphs represented in a logical sequence?
4. What arguments do you use to support your ideas?
5. Do you acknowledge opposite opinions?
6. Do you avoid repetitions and generalizations?
7. Do you use appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation?
8. Is your conclusion brief and relevant to the topic?

IMPORTANT! The essay should reflect the author’s personal experience, opinion, and background knowledge on the topic.

Evaluation criteria:
The essays will be assessed according to the IELTS Writing Task 2 Band Descriptors (public version).

Suggested Literature for Preparation:
1. Academic Writing from Paragraph to Essay, 2010, by Dorothy E Zemach & Lisa Rumisek
2. Engaging Writing 2: Essential Skills for Academic Writing, 2nd Edition, 2011, by Mary Fitzpatrick
3. Essay Writing For English Tests, 2001, by Gabi Duigu
4. Writing High School Essays With Advanced English Grammar: Book 2, 2016, by Quek Boon Chuan
5. Writing Essays: A guide for students in English and the humanities, 2015, by Richard Marggraf Turley


Results will be announced: April – May, 2023
– The Organizing Committee of the Olympiad distributes scholarships based on the exam scores.
– In case of getting the same score, the Organizing Committee can apply additional criteria (English score, interview, etc).
– The KIMEP Olympiad provides for a 100% scholarship for the 1st place winner and a 50% scholarship for the 2nd place winner.
– Candidates who received less than 50% for the exam, can not be awarded a scholarship.
– The waiting list will be formed in case of scholarship’s redistribution. Only candidates with a total score of 50% or higher are included in the waiting list.
– The scholarship is provided for the study of a program that is indicated in applicant’s Olympiad Registration form.
– Awarded students cannot change their study program, otherwise their grant will be canceled.
– The winners of the Olympiad are required to fulfill the admission requirements prescribed by the rules of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the internal admission policy of KIMEP University.