Student Affairs

About Student Affairs

The support of students towards achieving their educational goals is the focus of the Office of Student Affairs. The office provides an environment that fosters the intellectual and personal development of students, consistent with KIMEP University’s mission. The Office of Student Affairs reinforces and extends KIMEP University’s influence beyond the classroom. Its services include student support services such as Student Life, Academic support, Recreation and Sports, Student Housing, and Student Health. Student Affairs staff work with faculty, administrators and KIMEP U Student Association to create a safe and welcoming community and to support the personal, professional, social, and spiritual growth of the University’s students.

Tel.: + 7 727 237 47 91
Fax: + 7 727 237 47 80
E-mail: zhanna@kimep.kz

Help Desk for Students and Parents

“Student Help Desk” is located at the Office of Student Affairs room number 112 and 111 (Residence Hall basement floor). Students and parents can approach this office during working hours with their concerns, problems, worries, and suggestions.

The Procedure
a. Current students as well as their parents can use the service.
b. The ‘Help Desk’ assists students in resolving academic, extracurricular, personal and any other problems.
c. Students and their parents can submit a suggestion or a concern in writing or express it orally.
d. The ‘Help Desk’ deals only with issues and concerns related to the services and facilities at KIMEP U.
e. We would need credible evidence from you about a violation/mistake/harassment on the part of KIMEP.
f. Confidentiality is guaranteed for sensitive issues.

The Process
Once a written concern is lodged with the ‘Help Desk’, the Associate Director of SA will check the paperwork only, and then it will be sent to the concerned person, unit or a department for their comments or with a request for an appropriate action.

The SA will keep students informed about the status on their complaints.

Military Training Opportunities

According to the KIMEP University policies, all undergraduate students have the right to defer military service while studying at the university.

KIMEP University offers first year (reserve officer and reserve sergeant program) and second year (reserve sergeant program) undergraduate students – citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan – an opportunity to study at the military department on a voluntary basis. KIMEP University does not provide military training for master students.

Narxoz University NJSC

Training at the military department is carried out in the following majors:

Reserve Officer Program

  1. Organization of clothing support;
  2. Organization of food supply;
  3. Organization of military communications and military transportation by rail, water and air transport;
  4. Financial support;
  5. Organization of legal work;
  6. Provision of rocket fuel, fuel and lubricants;
  7. Organization of construction and operation of buildings and structures for special and general purposes;
  8. Organization of combined arms logistics support;
  9. Organization of mobilization work.

Reserve Sergeant Program

  1. Organizational meals;
  2. Combined types of material support;
  3. Food service;
  4. Fuel and lubricants;
  5. Tailoring and repair of clothing;
  6. Clothing service;
  7. Bath, laundry and dry cleaning;
  8. Shoe making and repair;
  9. Construction works.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Application;
  2. Identification document (original and copy);
  3. Registration certificate or military ID (original and copy); for women – certificate of registration;
  4. Two 3×4 photographs;
  5. Criminal record in accordance with the Order of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 95 dated July 27, 2015 “On the approval of public service standards” (registered in the Register of State Registration of Normative Legal Acts under No. 12055);
  6. Document (if available) confirming athletic achievements;
  7. University certificate signed by the College dean, indicating the year of admission and graduation from the university, full-time status, college name and major.

Contacts for Admissions Office: +7 727 377 19 93, +7 727 377 19 45, +7 707 998 28 98

Address: 1 micro-district, 81.

E-mail:  tamara.ivanova@narxoz.kz

Web-site: https://narxoz.edu.kz

 “Kazakh National Technical Research University named after K.I. Satpayev” NJSC

Military Department training is offered in the following majors:

Reserve Officer Program

  1. Combat use of units and formations of ground artillery;
  2. Combat use of mortar units;
  3. Combat use of units and formations of rocket artillery;
  4. Operation and repair of the material part of ground, reactive, tank and self-propelled artillery;
  5. Organization of metrological support of weapons and military equipment;
  6. Organization of operation and repair of means of communication;
  7. Organization of electronic warfare in the Armed Forces;
  8. Operation and repair of air defense meter range radar systems;
  9. The use of radar complexes of the air defense meter range;
  10. Combat use of air defense units and formations armed with short-range anti-aircraft missile systems;
  11. Organization of automated command and control air defense forces;
  12. Application of automated means of control of radio technical means of air defense.

Reserve Sergeant Program

  1. 76mm to 180mm weaponry
  2. Self-propelled 76mm to 130mm weaponry
  3. Rocket artillery
  4. 82mm to 120mm mortars
  5. Ground, rocket artillery and mortars
  6. Artillery ammunition
  7. Radar stations (complexes) of the meter range

Documents to be submitted

  1. Identification document + copy;
  2. Military service registration certificate + copy, Certificate on military registration from the Public Service Center/eGOV;
  3. Certificate from the dean’s office indicating the year of admission, full-time status, major;
  4. Criminal record certificate from the Public Service Center/eGOV;
  5. 3×4 photo – 2 pcs;
  6. Document confirming athletic achievements (if available);
  7. Original and a copy of one of the documents (if any) confirming the fact that a student is not being cared for by the only or both parents, or a document confirming the establishment of guardianship;
  1. Orphans and students left without parental care additionally submit the original and a copy of one of the following documents:
  2. Certificate of death;
  3. Decision of the court to deprive parents of parental rights, limit their parental rights, recognize parents as missing, incapacitated (limited capability, declaring them dead;
  4. Documents confirming the search for parents, removal of child (children) from parents, long-term treatment of parents in healthcare organizations, act of abandonment of a child (children).

Contacts for the Admissions office: +7 727 292 43 02, +7 727 292 24 27, +7 777 517 55 42 Address: Байтурсынова 140

E-mail: vk_kazntu@mail.ru; vk_kazntu@satbayev.university;

Web-site: https://satbayev.university/ru/institutes/military

“Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages” JSC

Military Department training is offered in the following majors:

Reserve Officer Program

  1. Combat use of motorized rifle units and formations on infantry fighting vehicles;
  2. Foreign language.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Identification document + copy;
  2. Military registration certificate or military ID (original and copy);
  3. 3×4 photos – 2 pcs;
  4. Criminal record certificate;
  5. Document (if any) confirming athletic achievements;
  6. Certificate confirming enrollment of a student at a higher educational instititions, indicating department, major code. course of study and study group;
  7. Transparent file – 2 pcs.

Contacts for the Admissions office: +7 727 233 78 68, +7 701 400 65 44 (call from 9:00 to 16:30)

Address: 15 Dosmukhmedova str.

E-mail: vk_kazumoimya@mail.ru

Web-site: https://www.ablaikhan.kz

Office of Student Affairs

Zhanna Baisalbekova

Student Affairs Coordinator

E-mail: zhanna@kimep.kz
Phone: +7  727  237 47 80, ext. 1083


Semester Tentative Dates Activities/events
Spring 2023    
  January 9, 2023 Advising and Orientation Program:

Session for International students

Exchange opportunities

  January 13, 2023 Welcome Party for International students
  January 29 – April 28, 2023 Series of workshops by KIMEP.PEER
  February 1, 2023 Reception of the delegation from Almaty Global Institute, Singapore
  February 8, 2023 Financial Talks with KAFC (guest lectures)
  February 24, 2023 Cinema Night: Global Peace and Solidarity. Dedicated to Ukraine by Geeks
  February 24, 2023 Poetry Night: Global Peace and Solidarity by KIMEP Times
  February 28, 2023 Hug Day 1 by Jarqyn
  March  2023 Hygiene boxes by Jarqyn
  March 2, 2023 Drawing Art Therapy by Jarqyn
  March 3-4, 2023 SG Students Conference in Atyrau
  March 15, 2023 Reception of Pitzer College (USA)
  March 16, 2023 KIMEP Youth Leadership & Development Forum by KIMEP Charity
  March 16, 2023 NBA day by Blazers
  March 17, 2023 Prep session of students organizations’ EXPO for Freshman Orientation 2023
  March 27 – April 24, 2023 Gotcha by the RHA
  April 1, 2023 Night Observation by AstroClub
  April 1, 2023 KIMEP Marathon by KIMEP Running Club
  April 1, 2023 Case Competition by KIMEP Case Club
  April 7, 2023 Poetry Night: The Little Prince
  April 13, 2023 Hackathon by Enactus
  April 14, 2023 Cinema Night by Geeks and Jarqyn
  April 14-16, 2023 Side by side: A Musical Revue by KELT
  April 18, 2023 Hug Day 2 by Jarqyn
  April 19, 2023 Financial Talks with KAFC (guest lectures) by KAFC
  April 20, 2023 Clay Art Therapy by Jarqyn
  April 20-22, 2023 Spring Tournament 2023 by KIMEP Chess Club
  April 21, 2023 Miss KIMEP by KFI
  April 22, 2023 Thrift Flip by KIMEP Eco
  April 22, 2023 KIMEP Investment Competition by KAFC
  April 23, 2023 Stars on Ice by KASD
  April 23, 2023 Myths & Metamorphoses by Art Revolution
  April 25, 2023 Reception of German Delegation (Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences)
  April 28, 2023 Tech Time by Birge Tech
  April 29, 2023 Culture Day (SA, IO)
  April 29, 2023 Culture Fest by KISA
  April 29, 2023 KADA and Art Revolution  Open Air by KADA
  April 29, 2023 Night Observation by KIMEP  AstroClub
  April 29, 2023 Hidden Stars Quest on Nauryz by Geeks
  April 30, 2023 KASD picnic by KASD
  April – May, 2023 Sabbatarian by KIMEP Eco
  May 4, 2023 Night Sky Club by AstroClub
  May 5, 2023 Farewell Party for International Students
  May 5, 2023 Business Game by KIMEP Case Club
  May 5, 2023 Charity Sky Cinema by KIMEP Geeks
  May 13, 2023 Valkyrie Tournament by Valkyrie
  May 14, 2023 Trip to Butakovka by the RHA
  May 23, 2023 KIMEP Start-Up Incubator by KAFC
  May 28, 2023 Clothing donations for charity by the RHA
  May-June, 2023 Paintings of the walls in TV rooms by the RHA
  August 23, 2023 Night observation by KIMEP AstroClub