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Funding opportunities

Methods of KIMEP University Tuition Payment

You can find all KIMEP University tuition fees on link “Tuition Fees”.

Student tuition payments can either be made by students themselves or by third parties (parents, relatives, sponsors and others).

  • Fixed tuition
    In the event of onetime payment for the whole period of study at the time of signing of a contract (upon admission to KIMEP University), tuition cost remains unchanged until the end of study. Exceptions are retakes courses and registration for additional classes outside of a study program. In this case payment is made under the price in effect at the time of registration for a course.
  • Payments based on registration
    The amount of payment for semester depends on the number of credits that the student is going to take in particular semester.
  • 3 installments payment
    In Fall and Spring semesters student can pay by 3 installments by a certain date indicated in the Academic Calendar.
  • Individual Payment Plan
    Possibility to apply for Individual payment plan for semester considered by request and financial documents that submitted to the Financial Aid Office. This option is not available for newly admitted students and for current students for their last semester. This option is not available for students with status of “Academic Probation – AP”.
  • Payment via bank cash department and bank transfers
    Payments are possible at any second level bank. You can find the bank details of KIMEP University in the pdf-file “Bank details”.
  • Online payment
    Online payments is possible through the online-application (web-site) of any bank that have function of online payment for tuition at Universities (Homebank, Kaspi and others).

Education Loan

«Financial Center» JSC acts as a guarantor on behalf of a student before partner banks in obtaining educational loans on favorable terms. Detailed information can be found on fincenter.kz or to toll-free: 8 800 080 28 28.

Trilateral Agreements

Trilateral agreements are signed between sponsoring company, student and KIMEP University. This widespread option is used by companies wanting their employees to take full advantages of KIMEP University education. Trilateral agreement is the best way for a company to invest in personnel training.

KIMEP “Work and Study” program for current students

KIMEP University provides all students with the opportunity to work on part-time basis (10-30 hours per week) as assistants in the administrative and academic departments of the University. The exception: 1st year undergraduate students are not eligible for part-time work.

  • Teacher Assistants. Criteria:
    – 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students and all graduate students;
    – GPA at least 3.00;
    -Instructor must have at least 40 registered students in one class/section for ТА hiring.
  • Research Assistants. Criteria:
    – 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students and all graduate students;
    – GPA at least 3.50.
  • Office Assistants. Criteria:
    – 2nd, 3rd and 4th year all undergraduate and graduate students;
    – GPA at least 2.50.