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The Bang College of Business (BCB) was a foundation college of the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research (KIMEP University since 2012).

The Bang College of Business offered the first MBA and MA in Economics programs and the first Bachelor in Business Administration program in Kazakhstan. Also later in 2006, it was the first college, which launched DBA and the Executive MBA programs.

The mission of the Bang College of Business is to offer quality business and management programs, to prepare students to be committed professional and lifelong learners and to contribute to and take leading positions in business and society. Theory and practice are linked together through teaching, scholarship, and service in order to benefit both students and broader the community.

Today, the college is the largest unit of KIMEP University, which offers the Bachelor degree programs in Accounting and Audit, Finance, Management, and Marketing.


  • The Department of Accounting and Finance
  • The Department of Management and Marketing
  • The Executive Education Center


The Bang College of Business (BCB) programs prepare students to meet the diverse needs of modern Kazakhstan and the worldwide employment markets worldwide. Upon graduation, students will have acquired fundamental knowledge of Marketing, Management, Finance and Accounting and will understand the importance of Information Systems and Computer Applications in business. Moreover, they will demonstrate a firm grasp of theoretical knowledge within their area of specialization. By applying skills and knowledge, the graduates of the Bang College of Business will be able to compete with other highly qualified candidates worldwide and make a significant contribution to business and the development of the public sector.

Nurturing environment:
KIMEP students are assured of a strong support network of the University counselors, faculty and peers who provide guidance and direction on all aspects of the University life.

Dean’s Statement

Welcome to Bang College of Business!
The Bang College of Business (BCB) stands as the best business school in Central Asia, offering
undergraduate and graduate education. We are proud to provide you with a wide variety of courses and
programs that will enable you to achieve your academic and career goals. BCB Programs will prepare you
to become a person of global talents and educate you to be globally competitive. We would like to be an integral part of your personal and professional development.

We strive to provide the best educational environment, instructional technology and experiences at
the most prestigious western style university in Kazakhstan. We also help our students become more
entrepreneurial in their spirit, and for this goal we are following the three principles. The first is a global entrepreneurship platform to support innovation and creativity. The second principle is rigorous academic research. And the third principle is mutual respect, diversity and inclusion within BCB.

I am very confident that you will be happy with our BCB programs, earn your degree in various aspects
of Business Administration, and become successful in your future career and personal life. BCB faculty and staff are here to serve you with the belief that your success is our success. I wish you the best of luck and may this academic year be filled with success, health and happiness.We strive to provide the best educational environment, instructional technology and experiences at the most prestigious western style university in Kazakhstan.

Best Regards,
Jay Hoyoung Lee, Ph.D.
Bang College of Business

  • In 2016, the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency recognized KIMEP University as the best university in the category of humanitarian-economic universities in 2016.
  • According to the Center of Bologna Process and the Academic Mobility under Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, BCB’s bachelor programs hold the first places in the country.
  • In 2013, all KIMEP University undergraduate and graduate programs received international accreditation from the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQAAA).
  • All of our business programs have received Level III (International) accreditation from the Asian Forum on Business Education (AFBE) (2013).
  • 115th place worldwide among “Good Business Schools with regional influence” (SMBG-Eduniversal) (2011).

Global exposure and student mobility
KIMEP University provides students with the opportunities to broaden their horizons and experience different learning environments through its robust academic mobility programs. KIMEP has active partnerships with more than 160 universities. One third of thsee partner-universities have received a high ranking in the top 100 list of the Times Higher Education Supplement.


Undergraduate Internship

WHY? Each undergraduate student of BCB has to take two Internship courses during the course of their study. The two required courses equip students with practical skills and are an indispensable part of the undergraduate learning.

WHEN? The “Credit Internship I” course can be taken only after a student earns 60 credits, and “Credit Internship II” course is available to those students who earned 90 credits and more.

WHAT IS REQUIRED? The “Credit Internship I” course requires that a student worked at the company for at least 80 working hours during the semester. Alternatively, a student can take a “Case Study” course in the field of specialization and thus fulfill “Internship I” requirement. “Credit Internship II” necessitates at least 160 hours of work in the semester.


Research of international relevance and scope:
Faculty members and graduate students engage in research and thesis work, which primarily focuses on national and regional studies, the results there of are international in relevance and scope.
Every year the Bang College of Business holds KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC), which aims to facilitate the dissemination of research in the international context. In addition, BCB faculty work on publications for the leading local and international journals.

Research Promotion

  • BCB arranges research training workshops, which aim to help new or inexperienced researchers to develop their research abilities and find venues for publication of their work.
  • BCB also organizes seminars where new or inexperienced researchers (including graduate and senior undergraduate students) can receive feedback on their new and evolving research ideas, and visiting academics can share their knowledge and research experience.

The Bang College of Business has more than 7,000 alumni. There are strong and tight-knit KIMEP Alumni Associations in both Almaty and Astana, which organize events and networking opportunities for alumni of all KIMEP University programs. As the part of KIMEP family, they return to the University as guest speakers, partners, and donors. They also provide unwavering and invaluable support to fresh KIMEP graduates, assisting them with employment opportunities and adaptation in different cities of Kazakhstan. Our alumni work in both the private and public sectors, and each of them has their own story of success.
Since the College’s founding, BCB graduates have been an unrivaled source of business talents to local and multinational employers and have played major roles in the development of a thriving business community in Kazakhstan.

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BCB Brochure

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