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KIMEP University offers wide range of scholarships. There are no state grants at KIMEP University.
All scholarships are distributed on competition basis in accordance with specified criteria. Academic achievements of students and academic awards of national and international levels for the last 3 years will be considered in the allocation of scholarships.
The scholarships are allocated in the form of Financial Aid. Allocation and size of the financial aid are determined in accordance with the set rules and is subject to the availability of funds of the University. KIMEP University does not guarantee that all applying students will receive the financial aid, and also reserves a right to amend the conditions, criteria and order of allocation and distribution of financial aid.

050010, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
4 Abai Avenue Financial Aid Office, Valikhanov Building Office 203
Telephone: +7 (727) 270 43 16
WhatsApp: +7 (707) 970 43 16
E-mail: finaid@kimep.kz
Working hours: Monday – Friday, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm