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Student organizations

KIMEP University provides its students with captivating and memorable extracurricular activities, demonstrating the vibrancy and variety of student life on campus. Enthusiastic and ambitious students take the lead each semester, independently administering events that bring joy and delight. The University has approximately 40 student clubs and organizations, each serving diverse interests and aspirations, and collectively contributing to the lively atmosphere at KIMEP. From intellectual tournaments and themed parties to on-campus games and cultural festivals, students actively engage in organizing events and activities. With the commencement of each semester, new ideas are initiated, and fresh projects take flight. KIMEP University’s dynamic student life serves as an exceptional platform for personal growth and the self-realization of every student.


Arts and Culture







Calendar of student organizations events

How to register a student organization?

  1. Download and fill electronically the form
  2. Make a presentation to the Student Government and get approval from the Vice President of Sports and Culture
  3. Submit the approved form to the Office of Student Affairs to be registered.