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Covid-19 Update

All Faculty Members, Students, and Staff

Dear KIMEP community,

The most serious unrest in Kazakhstan’s history as an independent nation has taken place over the past week. Kazakhstan is managed and governed by competent and able leaders, whom I fully support, and I have confidence that peace and stability will be restored. Already, Almaty is back into the swing of its vibrancy. KIMEP University was not harmed or damaged. Rest assured, as the President of KIMEP University, I want to make clear that we will make the utmost effort to provide a credible education to our students.

I am writing to inform you about our return to educational discourse after the delay in the beginning of the spring 2022 semester. The Ministry of Education and Science has announced that education at universities will begin on Monday, January 24 th , 2022, which will be the first day of classes this semester.

As stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Science, the spring semester will begin in the online mode of education on January 24 th . Currently, the government has directed that the
online mode will continue until February 6 th.

KIMEP will comply with the regulations and decisions of the Ministry of Education and Science. However, given the situation with the coronavirus, the stipulations of the government could change over time, and we will keep you informed.

Please, get vaccinated to protect yourselves and each other from the coronavirus, including available booster shots.

Yours sincerely,

Chan Young Bang, Ph.D.
President, KIMEP University



1406 – номер круглосуточного call-центра по коронавирусу


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