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Send offer portal

* Documents should be submitted online OR a sealed envelope with all the documents inside should be submitted to office# 103, Dostyk bldg, 2 Abay ave., no later than the due time
* BIN and the name of the company shall be indicated on the envelope
* What tender the company is bidding shall be indicated

* Subject to prepayment by the customer, the contractor must provide a guarantee from the bank
*  A list of documents to participate in the tender(.pdf)
* Tender procedures and attitude toward the corruption
A contact person:
Moldir Mudarissova

Mob: + 7 701 0979054
Email: risa@kimep.kz
Tel: 270-44-52 (ext: 2330)

The sources where the tender is announced:
— https://www.ets-tender.kz/
—  https://www.kimep.kz/about/en/corporate-relations/tenders/