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Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations governing the KIMEP University scholarships and financial aid

KIMEP University makes no promise of scholarships, grants, financial aid to any student or individual. KIMEP University makes no connection between the distributions of any form of financial aid with payment deadlines. Thus, students and prospective students need to be prepared to pay all tuition and other fees according to established KIMEP University regulations and tuition deadlines. All financial assistance is subject to the availability of funds.

All information published by the official sources of information will be considered as received and read. The KIMEP University’s official sources of information: the KIMEP University’s Website and Catalog (Part of Financial Aid services from Catalog), student’s university e-mail (U-mail, e.g. studentname@kimep.kz).

1. All students applying for scholarships (KIMEP Fast tracks, International, etc.) should submit valid KEPT/TOEFL/IELTS results for scholarship purposes only.
2. IELTS and TOEFL certificate should be valid at the moment of submission to KIMEP. IELTS should not exceed two years from the date of issue.
3. English proficiency is regulated by the English proficiency level definition policy stated in the Catalog (R&A #2) and evaluated based on the results of IELTS, TOEFL or KEPT. Non-Controlled KIMEP University computer-based KEPT is not valid for financial aid purposes.
4. School graduates who have attended KIMEP’s Provisional program have to submit KEPT/IELTS/TOEFL score in order to be considered for scholarships, apart from all other requirements.
5. Unless otherwise stated the minimum passing score for scholarship criteria: interviews, essays, contests, GPA, KTA, etc. is 50% out of maximum possible.
6. Content, topic and volume of motivation letters/essays/interview forms are determined by Colleges.
7. Current student with incomplete grade received during the Academic Year prior the award (including Fall, Spring and Summer semesters) is not eligible for any current scholarships of graduate or undergraduate programs. Exception: Graduate thesis with the confirmation from the Dean’s office.
8. Non-degree students who meet the criteria can apply for and be considered for scholarships for returning students (Presidential, Dean’s, Koktem, Transfer, Academic Merit Scholarships for current graduate students, etc.) Non-degree students will be considered by their KIMEP’s GPA first, then by GPA of previous University, and then by School Attestat.
9. A student cannot be awarded several types of the KIMEP University financial aid/scholarships simultaneously; therefore he/she will be given the most suitable one.
10. A student cannot receive financial aid/scholarship assistance that exceeds the total amount of tuition for a semester or academic year.
11. Each scholarship has its own duration and cannot be prolonged.
12. Recipient must register for courses in the semester following the award; scholarship will be cancelled if no registration takes place.
13. The scholarship covers only credits required for degree completion. Total number of credits for the entire period of study covered by any scholarship/financial aid cannot exceed the number of credits required for graduation from the selected program, according to the KIMEP Catalog (taking into account previously transferred courses).
14. Credit limit for number of credits covered by 100% scholarships is 39 credits;
15. To register during the academic year a scholarship holder must pay all fees, payments and his/her part of tuition (if any) in accordance to the KIMEP University academic calendar.
16. The scholarship is automatically accrued to student’s account and is reflected in the Payment Report from the moment of full-time academic load registration in Fall and Spring semesters and any registration for Summer semesters.
17. The scholarship amount depends on the actual number of courses registered in particular semester taking into account the number of established total credit limit per academic year (if any).
18. The scholarship does not cover any withdrawn, academic withdrawal “AW”, retaken and “0” credit courses, late payment fees, late registration fees, as well as other fees, fines, dormitory and library deposits, etc. for which student is liable. However if a student who was awarded any form of financial aid withdraws from the institution the financial aid received will be discontinued with an immediate effect and a student will not be required to reimburse KIMEP for the courses taken up until that point or for other benefits of awarded scholarship package;
19. Foundation courses are covered by the following scholarships: scholarships for Transferring students, Intellectual KIMEP Olympiad and “Altyn Belgi” scholarships.
20. The scholarship is not transferable and has no cash value.
21. In order to keep the financial assistance during the whole period of its validity the recipient have to keep certain minimum overall GPA each semester as required by particular scholarships/grants/financial aid stated in the awarding letter and to keep a full-time status in Fall and Spring semesters: registration minimum for 4 courses or 12 credits for Bachelors and 3 courses or 9 credits for Masters. The exception to this policy is the registration for the last credits left for graduation in the final semester of study where the full-time status is waived. This also applies to the Exchange Program, as chosen by student in the final semester of study. In this case, the student is liable to cover extra credits taken by Exchange Program and not covered by the scholarship/financial aid. The student has to transfer back, towards his degree at KIMEP, only those credits required for graduation.
22. If overall GPA falls below the requirement, however would be above 2.33, a student may apply for scholarship probation for next semester. If GPA falls below 2.33, then student cannot apply for scholarship probation and has to raise GPA up to the required level. This policy is applied once for the entire period of the student’s study regardless of the number and types of received scholarships.
23. If the recipient of the scholarship is going to participate in student exchange program, then he/she has to register and transfer back to the KIMEP University at least 4 courses for undergraduate programs and 3 courses for graduate programs per regular semester (Fall/Spring). In this case, the scholarship will cover only the credits transferred to the KIMEP University.
24. Transfer to another program of the KIMEP University depends on the scholarship rules that stated in the letter of award.
25. By accepting, the scholarship recipient agrees that personal information (tuition, grades, debt, etc.) can be disclosed to his/her parent(s), guardian(s) or sponsor(s).
26. By accepting the scholarship recipient agrees to participate in recruitment and promotional events organized by departments and offices of the KIMEP University when needed.
27. The submitted student’s information is retained by the KIMEP University and can be used for any future references.
28. Personal information (tuition, grades, etc) of students awarded scholarships is available for their parents, guardians or sponsors based on the Financial Aid policy.
29. The KIMEP University reserves a right to cancel, modify or amend the conditions, criteria, and order of allocating and granting the financial aid/scholarship, as well as not to award scholarships based on decision of the Disciplinary Committee or President Cabinet or other authorized body, as well as due to Academic/Disciplinary probation, falsification of any official documents, or other actions that can be qualified as an administrative violation of the KIMEP University’s regulations.
30. Provision of the scholarship cannot be considered if student no longer meets eligibility criteria.
31. All information published by the official sources of information will be considered as received and read. The KIMEP University’s official sources of information: the KIMEP University’s Website and Catalog, student’s university e-mail (U-mail, e.g. studentname@kimep.kz).
32. Information on all the rules and conditions of financial aid/ scholarships is available in the Financial Aid Office. Please consult with the Financial Aid Office before making any changes related to academic, financial or other areas (withdraw courses, transfer between programs, applying for exchange program, receiving “I” grade, etc.) as it may lead to the suspension or cancellation of the received financial aid/scholarship.