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Social Research Working Papers

The KIMEP Social Research Working Papers series seeks to further the KIMEP goal of “Education to Change Society” through the promotion of original research and the generation, dissemination and discussion of new knowledge. As the principal outpost of English language scholarship in Kazakhstan, KIMEP is uniquely situated to provide leadership for the development of a critically and theoretically engaged social science research community in the Republic of Kazakhstan that articulates with broader international intellectual currents. This working paper series represents an attempt to build and cultivate high quality socially relevant works-in-progress that support KIMEP’s three fundamental and interrelated tasks:

  • Research;
  • Teaching and Learning;
  • Knowledge dissemination and exchange.

We invite all members of our research community to KIMEP and beyond to submit working papers.

Editor: Kristopher White.

Editorial Committee: Shajahan Bhuiyan, Sanithia Boyd, Ken Harvey, Nargis Kassenova, David Landis, Jiri Melich, Kenneth Saycell, Leon Taylor.

All Correspondence should be sent to
The Editor
KIMEP Social Research Working Papers
2 Abay Avenue, KIMEP
Almaty, 050100
Republic of Kazakhstan

Download the Social Research Working Papers Style Guide (.pdf, 29 kB)

Social Research Working Papers

“State-Building in Kazakhstan: Continuity and Transformation of Informal Institutions”, Rowan and Littlefield Publishers, Lexington Books, 2018″
Author: Dina Sharipova

The Signalling Role of Education in a Transitional Economy: Evidence from Kazakhstan 94 kB
Authors: G. Reza Arabsheibani, Andrew Henley, and Altay Mussurov

Re-thinking the Measurement of Economic Development: Application of a Revised Development Index to Central Asia 139 kB
Author: Kristopher D. White

Kazakhstan’s Potential for Wind and Concentrated Solar Power 122 kB
Author: Jaquelin Cochran

Cross-Sector Spillover Effects of Trade Liberalization 172 kB
Author: Aleksandr Vashchilko

How Western Value Change Effects Relations Between the West and the Rest – A Case Study 134 kB
Authors: Scott Spehr and Aigul Adebaeva

Why didn’t economists predict the Great Depression? 403 kB
Author: Leon Taylor

The Pricing of Gasoline Grades and the Third Law of Demand 179 kB
Authors: R. Morris Coats, Gary M. Pecquet, Leon Taylor

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