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Central Asian Studies Center (CASC)

(UN Day at KIMEP.
UN Coordinator in Kazakhstan Stephen Tull initiates discussion
about UN humanitarian mission in Central Asia.)

Central Asian Studies Center (CASC)
KIMEP Central Asian Studies Center (CASC) was created in November 2010. Since then every semester it has been organizing series of events:guest lectures, round tables and conferences. It has been facilitating the research of foreign scholars, especially PhD candidates, and serving as a coordinator of research links between foreign universities and KIMEP. CASC has been instrumental in the development of the dual MA degree in International Relations with the University of Glasgow and obtaining Erasmus Mundus scholarship fund for the International Masters in Russian, Central & East European Studies (IMRCEES)program run by a consortium of universities led by the University of Glasgow.

On behalf of KIMEP, CASC has worked on the grant applications: the EU Marie-Curie grant together with the University of Graz, the Humboldt University, University of Barcelona and a number of other European universities; and the Norwegian SIU grant with the University of Agder.

The aim of the CASC is to become a regional hub for academic and graduate research on Central Asia that would generate scholarly and teaching expertise on the region and facilitate international research projects and graduate study programs.
For more information on CASC and its activities, please click here.

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