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Video for applicants

Welcome to KIMEP University


Dr. Timothy L. Barnett,
Provost and General Deputy to the President

Mr. Kurmet Zaman
Vice President of Administration
KSA, Student Government

Mr. Dias Bakhitkaliyev
Vice President of Finance
KSA, Student Government

Virtual Freshman
Convocation Ceremony 2020

Virtual tour of the KIMEP
University campus

Early Admission under BELA status


Freshmen survival guides


Freshmen student survival guide

Meet your advisor

How to calculate & pay tuition fees?

How to use “Student Portal” and “L-Drive”?

How to register for the courses?

How to apply for a waiting list?

How to access MOODLE platform?

Academic Policies at KIMEP University

Recommendations for KIMEP students


Welcome message from Residence Hall



For parents


How to use “Parent portal”?