High School Graduates and professional vocational school

Since 1992, KIMEP University has been committed to offering an excellent education to qualified applicants from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, who seek personal and professional development, and successful future careers.

KIMEP is a diverse community with a student-centric educational environment and strong connections to leading international institutions of higher education. The combination of these elements allows the university to provide truly cross-cultural knowledge and international experience to its students through a variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

KIMEP University looks forward to welcoming talented young individuals and professionals! General Information about Undergraduate Programs.


Students may apply to academic programs at KIMEP University at any time during the year.
However, applicants should pay attention to the deadlines established by the Admission office for the specific semesters.
Applicants should send all their enquiries about the application process to the Admission office.

Application package for high school graduates should include:

  • Application form (online). How to apply online?
  • Copy of passport or State ID
  • Digital photo with resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) that is at least 8 MP (Megapixels) in size saved in a low compression (high quality) JPEG format;
  • High school diploma (authentic copy)
  • UNT certificate/digital copy (for KZ citizens only)
  • Medical documents
  • If available: Valid results of International English Proficiency Tests (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English Exam, etc.)
  • Applicants may include any other documents, which they consider relevant, such as copies of national and international certificates, awards, and honors received within no later than 3 years before the application date.

Note: According to state law of Kazakhstan, documents submitted in foreign languages, have to include a certified translation into Kazakh or Russian language. In some cases, Admission office may request additional documents (like a license of the education institution, which issued the diploma; confirmation of attestation and accreditation; confirmation of degree, specialization and diploma, etc.).

Incomplete application may result in a delay for admission review/decision or rejection of the application.
Submission of knowingly false or misleading information will result in the University rejecting the application. In such cases, Admission office, with respect to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the right to transfer the application for further consideration by law enforcement bodies.

Completed secondary education

a) Attestation (diploma) indicating completion of a high school or professional vocational school program (authentic copy).

b) For RK citizens: The original Unified National Testing (UNT) certificate/digital copy issued for the current year with passing scores, as set by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

c) Foreign citizen: Online interview is required.

KIMEP University, nor any other group, committee, or person may guarantee admission to KIMEP University or any of its programs.

Code Undergraduate degree 1 Specialized subject 2 Specialized subject
6B03101 International Relations Foreign Language World History
6B04202 Jurisprudence World History Person, Public and Law
6B04201 International Law World History Person, Public and Law
6B03201 Journalism 2 creative examinations 1 creative examination
6B04106 Economics Geography Mathematics
6B04103 Management Geography Mathematics
6B04104 Accounting and Audit Geography Mathematics
6B04105 Finance Geography Mathematics
6B04101 Public and Municipal Administration Geography Mathematics
6B04102 Marketing Geography Mathematics
6B06101 Information Systems Math Physics
6B01701 Foreign Language: Two Foreign languages Foreign Language World History
6B02301 Translation Studies Foreign Language World History
6B02302 Cognitive Sciences Foreign Language World History

KIMEP University admits applicants to fast-track study on undergraduate specializations listed below for the best graduates of technical and professional vocational schools under the following conditions:

  • Technical or professional vocational school should have a state license for conducting a certain educational activity and demonstrate the state attestation (copies of both documents are mandatory to be submitted to the Admissions Office of KIMEP University)
  • The diploma GPA should be no less than 4 (out of 5)
  • Courses taken in technical/professional vocational schools which are used towards the fast-track study should have individual grades of not less than 4 (out of 5).
  • The list of courses counted toward fast track study, the difference and the individual study plan will be defined by the General Education Department. The copy should be submitted to the personal file of the applicant no later than 5 business days.
Code Undergraduate degree General subject Specialized subject
6B03101 International Relations Geography World history
6B04202 Jurisprudence Fundamentals of the theory of state and law Civil Law of RK
6B04201 International Law Fundamentals of the theory of state and law Civil Law of RK
6B03201 Journalism Kazakh/Russian language Creative exam
6B04106 Economics Finance and Credit Organization economics
6B04103 Management Organization economics Management
6B04104 Accounting and Audit Finance and Credit Organization economics
6B04105 Finance Finance and Credit Organization finance
6B04101 Public and Municipal Administration Basics of economic theory Marketing
6B04102 Marketing Fundamentals of economics Marketing
6B06101 Information Systems Fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology English language
6B01701 Foreign Language: Two Foreign languages Math Basics of algorithmization and programming
6B02301 Translation Studies Kazakh/Russian language Foreign language (English, German, French)
6B02302 Cognitive Sciences Kazakh/Russian language Foreign language (English, German, French)

Knowledge of English is not a criterion for admission. However, English is the official language of academic instruction at KIMEP University and confirmation of English proficiency is mandatory.
Students who do not provide any evidence of English proficiency will be obliged to pass the Foundation Courses in the English language (UF C level) before starting their specialization.

To confirm their level of proficiency in English, applicants may provide any of the below-listed English proficiency certificates:

  • TOEFL (KIMEP University’s code for the Examination is 2104)
  • Cambridge English Examinations
  • KIMEP English Placement Test (this is held throughout the year at KIMEP University in Almaty and in other major cities in Kazakhstan)
Placement English course / Определение на курсы английского языка / Ағылшын тілін меңгеру деңгейін анықтау Direct to the



English Foundation 

level A


English Foundation 

level B


English Foundation

level C

KEPT Score 80-100 % 51-79 % 30-50 % < 30 %
CEFR* B2 mid B1 mid A1+ Beginner or False Beginner
IELTS/IELTS indicator 5.5
(no score below 5.0 in the writing section)
4.5 3.5 < 3.0
TOEFL IBT 70 57-69 27-56 < 26
Institutional TOEFL
523 475-522 380-474 < 379
193 163-192 83-162 < 82
Duolingo English Test 85-90 65-84 45-64 <44

CEFR* – Common European Framework of Reference (Common European competencies of foreign language proficiency: studying, learning, assessment)

The KIMEP University Admission and Scholarship Committee reviews applications for academic programs separately from applications for financial aid.
Admission to academic programs of KIMEP University does not guarantee financial aid to applicants.
The Admission and Scholarship Committee is the standing committee of the KIMEP Academic Council. It sets the policies and procedures for the financial aid. KIMEP University Financial Aid Program.

The Financial Aid Office sets the deadlines and requirements for the submission of documents to receive financial support.

KIMEP students may also apply for external funds and tri-lateral contracts. Students willing to apply for external funds should contact the department of Corporate Development of KIMEP University.
The Corporate Development Office deals with sources of external funding and manages trilateral contracts.

Contact Information of the Financial Aid Office:
KIMEP University, Abai Ave. 4, Valikhanov Building, office 203
Email: finaid@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 270 43 16

Contact Information of the Corporate Development Department:
KIMEP University, Abai Ave. 4, Dostyk Building, office 401
E-mail: cdd@kimep.kz
Tel.: +7 (727) 270 42 26
Fax: +7 (727) 270 44 59

General Information about KIMEP University


With respect to State regulations, documents issued by the foreign academic institutions should undergo the procedure of nostrification.

For more information about Nostrification/ Recognition of Foreign diplomas, please contact:

Ainur Mukhamejanova
Tel: 8 (727) 270-43-14 (3239)
E-mail: ainur@kimep.kz

Additional requirements to foreign citizens

1. All undergraduate applicants applying from outside of Kazakhstan should pass a written interview in the INTERVIEW section of the Applicant’s portal.

Dear applicants,
In accordance with the state Rules of Admission, approved by the Order # 600 of the Minister of Education and Science of the RK as of October 31, 2018, admission of international applicants to undergraduate programs is made provided that the internal exam called ONLINE INTERVIEW is taken. This exam is held in an offline mode, the deadline of taking the exam is August 24, 2020.

Applicants should write a motivated answer of max 300 words to each of the questions asked.
Sequence of steps to access the exam in an offline mode:

  1. Get authorized at your Applicant’s Portal: https://www.kimep.kz/ext/application/online/en-US/
  2. Enter the «INTERVIEW» section by pressing a “FILL IN” button
  3. Write your answers in the specific tab designed for each question
  4. Upon finishing, as soon as you will be ready to submit your answers for checking, press a “SUBMIT” button
  5. Results shall come up in the form of «PASS/FAIL» grade and will appear in your Applicant’s Portal in «Admission status» section or at our web-site: https://kimep.kz/prospective-students/ru/admission/

Below is the picture of how the special exam looks in your applicant portal.


Please contact Admissions Office if you have any other questions.
Most sincerely,

Admissions Office
Telephone: +7 (727) 270 42 13, +7 (727) 2704248
Mobile: +7 707 170 42 13
E-mail addresses: uao@kimep.kz; gao@kimep.kz

2. All foreign students, except for ethnic Kazakhs, should provide a financial/bank statement demonstrating the student’s availability of funds to cover one year accommodation and tuition in accordance with the educational services contract (2 500 000 KZT or its equivalent in other currency) .

3. A form or a certificate from your home country indicating the absence of a criminal record