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KIMEP University Tests Schedule

Results of tests and examinations administered by KIMEP University may be used only for the purposes of admission to KIMEP University and are only valid for one calendar year.

KIMEP English Placement Test (KEPT) and KIMEP Graduate Entrance Test (KGET) can be taken two times only.

Rules, periods and format of taking tests and examinations are set forth by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Who takes the test: Applicants for Bachelors and Masters programs, non-degree applicants

Language: English

Total number of questions: 100

Duration: 90 minutes

Number of sections: 3

Short description:

Section 1: Grammar Structures
The first section is designed to test the grammar skills of applicants.  Candidates will have to choose the correct word or phrase to complete simple sentences. They will choose from three or four possible answers that may have the same meaning, but only one of which is grammatically correct.

Section 2: Grammar and Vocabulary in Context
The second section is designed to test the grammar and vocabulary development of applicants. They will read short selected passages that are missing key words. They will choose the best words to complete the text from three or four possible answers.

Section 3: Reading Comprehension
The third section is designed to test the reading comprehension of applicants. They will read fairly long selected passages and choose from a multitude of answers or provide short written responses which best describe the meaning of the text.

The KGET measures the applicants’ problem-solving skills and their ability to think logically and critically.

The test is given in English and it consists of 3 sections:

  1. Problem solving (there are 20 questions and the recommended time is 30 minutes)
  2. Data sufficiency (there are 20 questions and the recommended time is 40 minutes)
  3. Critical thinking (there are 10 questions and the recommended time is 20 minutes)

Test takers have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete these 50 multiple-choice questions. Problem-solving is evaluated based upon mainly quantitative questions. This section tests the knowledge of arithmetic, elementary algebra, and common geometry. Data sufficiency questions consist of a question and two statements. The critical thinking section is composed of questions testing reading comprehension and critical reasoning.

The KGET test covers a wide range of topics.

Maximum score – 50

Passing grade – 15 for МВА, MACTA, MFIN, MMGT and MMKT programs

Passing grade – 14 for MAE and MEPM programs

Short description:
The entrance essay is designed to enable the applicant to express his or her creative abilities in one of the chosen topics. The essay should be based on the applicant’s life experience and personal views and not on literary sources. It should consist of an introduction, supporting paragraphs which develop the main idea, and a conclusion.

Criteria used when evaluating the essay:

  1. Content – the ability to analyze the reality of a situation, as well as the ability to choose and use the correct facts – 8 points;
  2. Logic – the capacity to express clear and logical statements and ideas – 8 points;
  3. Structure – the ability to present an essay as a composition of multiple parts that will develop and articulate a clear idea(s) that are supported by logic and factual information – 8 points;
  4. Language – written clearly and thoughtfully, using a rich vocabulary – 8 points;
  5. Creativity – the essay should present a modern and interesting approach to the given topics – 8 points

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