Admission to Master programs

Since 1992, KIMEP University has been committed to offering an excellent education to qualified applicants from different social and cultural backgrounds, who are unified by their pursuit of personal and professional development and future career successes.

KIMEP is home to a diverse community, puts student-centric educational philosophy into practice, and has strong connections to leading international institutions of higher education. This allows KIMEP to provide truly cross-cultural knowledge and an international experience to its students through a variety of Bachelor and Master Degree programs.

KIMEP University looks forward to welcoming talented young individuals and professionals!

Required Documents for Applicants to Graduate Programs:

  1. Online application form for graduate admissionHow to apply online?;
  2. Copy of passport for international applicants; copy of State ID for Kazakhstan applicants
  3. Copy of a diploma confirming the completion of undergraduate degree(s)
  4. Copy of a transcript (diploma supplement) with grades
  5. Digital photo with resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) that is at least 8 MP (Megapixels) in size saved in a low compression (high quality) JPEG format;
  6. Copy of Labor records book or a CV
  7. 2 recommendation letters (for LLM applicants only)
  8. 1 recommendation letter (for MPMA, MEPM and MIR applicants only)
  9. If available: copy of IELTS valid certificate or original of valid certificates of TOEFL, DSH, TestDaF, TFI, DELF, DALF, or TCF
  10. At applicant’s discretion: List of research and scientific-methodical works

Additional requirements for foreign citizens:

  • Bank Statement (except for ethnic Kazakhs)
  • Non-conviction record

Medical requirements can be found here https://kimep.kz/current-students/student-affairs/medical-center/

Copies of documents must be accompanied by originals for collation purposes. Originals are returned right after validation.

In some cases, especially with foreign applicants, the Admissions and Recruitment Office has the right to request additional documents (licenses indicating the educational activity of organizations issuing diplomas, confirmations of attestation and accreditation, confirmations of degree, specialization, and diploma, etc.)

Incomplete applications may result in delays in the admission review/decision process or rejection of admission.

Cases of fraudulent documents, or the submission of knowingly false information, shall be transferred for consideration to law enforcement bodies in accordance with the order set forth by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  1. Completed higher education
    • Copy of a diploma confirming the completion of undergraduate degree(s).
    • Copy of a transcript (diploma supplement) with grades
  1. Complex Test (CT)
    CT follows the method developed by the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.All graduate applicants – citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan – have to take Complex Test in order to secure admission to the graduate program. Applicants to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program are exempted from the Complex Test.
  1. Entrance examinations by specializations
    1. Entrance examination for Economics (MAE) program and Education Policy and Management (MEPM) – KGET (KIMEP Graduate Entrance Test)  with a score not lower than 14;
    2. Entrance examination for Business Administration (MBA), Accounting and Audit (MACTA), Finance (MFIN), MMGT, Marketing (MMKT) programs – KGET (KIMEP Graduate Entrance Test) – with a score not lower than 15; an additional criterion for admission to the MBA program is at least 1 year of work experience or equivalent including internship and volunteering work;
    3. Entrance examinations for Public and Municipal Administration (MPA), International Relations (MIR), International Law (LLM), Education Policy and Management (MEPM), and Business Administration for Executives (EXMBA) programs are held in the form of an on-line interview in the field of study by departmental committees; an additional criterion for admission to the EXMBA program is a requirement of a minimum of 5 years of work experience or its equivalent;
    4. Entrance examination for the Two Foreign languages (МАFL) program has two stages (а) On-line essay and b) live interview via Skype conference or other application at the discretion of the departmental committee.

    The guide on how to take an Interview is available if you click on the program of your interest
    Public and Municipal Administration (MPA)
    International Relations (MIR)
    International Law (LLM)
    Education Policy and Management (MEPM)
    Two Foreign languages (МАFL)
    International Journalism (MAIJ)

    KIMEP graduates with GPA of 3.0 and above are exempted from entrance examinations by specializations.

  1. KIMEP University accepts international certificates of GMAT and GRE tests for the appropriate graduate programs, which are considered on an individual basis by departments.
    Code of KIMEP University for GMAT examination is BLP-9V-74 and BLP-9V-70

Knowledge of English is not a criterion for admission. Still, because KIMEP University is an institution with English as a medium of instruction, applicant’s English proficiency level must be assessed prior to being admitted. Therefore, defining level of English proficiency is mandatory, except for:
1. Holders of completed undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degrees or their equivalents from English medium universities (authentic diploma, transcript and confirmation of English teaching form the university concerned), including KIMEP University Graduates
2. Students of dual degree programs between KIMEP and partner universities
3. Students in the Russian cohorts of the EXMBA program

Students that did not undergo evaluation of their English-language proficiency begin their studies at the beginner level (FEC C).
To evaluate English-language proficiency, KIMEP University accepts international English proficiency test certificates
• TOEFL (Code of KIMEP University for the examination is 2104)
• Cambridge English Examinations
• KIMEP English Placement Test

Placement in English course/ Определение на курсы английского языка / Ағылшын тілін меңгеру деңгейін анықтау Direct to the Program Graduate English Foundation level A Graduate English Foundation level B Graduate English Foundation level C
KEPT Score 60-100 % 50-59 % 21-49 % < 20 %
CEFR* B1 A2 A1+ Beginner or False Beginner
IELTS/IELTS indicator 4.5 4 3.5 <3
TOEFL IBT 70 41-69 27-40 < 26
TOEFL PBT/Institutional TOEFL 523 437-522 380-436 < 379
TOEFL(computer) 193 123 83-123 < 82
Duolingo English Test 65-70 55-64 45-54 <44

CEFR* – Common European Framework of Reference (Common European competencies of foreign language proficiency: studying, learning, assessment)

The KIMEP University Admission and Scholarship Committee reviews applications for academic programs separately from applications for financial aid.
Admission to academic programs of KIMEP University does not guarantee financial aid to applicants.
The Admission and Scholarship Committee is the standing committee of the KIMEP Academic Council. It sets the policies and procedures for the financial aid. KIMEP University Financial Aid Program.

The Financial Aid Office sets the deadlines and requirements for the submission of documents to receive financial support.

KIMEP students may also apply for external funds and tri-lateral contracts. Students willing to apply for external funds should contact the department of Corporate Development of KIMEP University.

The Corporate Development Office deals with sources of external funding and manages trilateral contracts.

Contact Information of the Financial Aid Office:
KIMEP University, Abai Ave. 4, Valikhanov Building, office 203
Email: finaid@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 270 43 16

Contact Information of the Corporate Development Department:
KIMEP University, Abai Ave. 4, Dostyk Building, office 401
E-mail: cdd@kimep.kz
Tel.: +7 (727) 270 42 26
Fax: +7 (727) 270 44 59

With respect to State regulations, documents issued by the foreign academic institutions should undergo the procedure of nostrification.
For more information about Nostrification/ Recognition of foreign diploma, please contact:

Ainur Mukhamejanova
Tel: 8 (727) 270-43-14 (3239)
E-mail: ainur@kimep.kz

  • Additional requirements for foreign citizens
    Foreign citizens should submit the documents listed below before registering for any course (according to the Law on Migration, Chapter 5):
    1. All foreign students, except for ethnic Kazakhs, should provide a financial/bank statement demonstrating the student’s availability of funds to cover accommodation and tuition in accordance with the educational services contract.
    2. Non-conviction record