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Opening ceremony of new Executive MBA cohort of Kazakhtelecom JSC

The KIMEP University Executive Education Center is pleased to announce the launch of a new corporate cohort from Kazakhtelecom JSC. This cohort is the third corporate cohort from Kazakhtelecom JSC. We are pleased with our fruitful cooperation and wish great successes to our graduates!

At the opening ceremony of the new cohort, the Vice President of Academic Affairs of KIMEP University, Dr. Damian Riviez, the Director of EEC, Bakytgul Tundikbayeva, as well as the Chief Director of Operational Efficiency of Kazakhtelecom JSC, Mr. Berik Bitabarov, expressed their best wishes for the new cohort and expressed their gratitudes to our longlasting partnership.

KIMEP University presented the professor staff of the Bang College of Business, Dr.Liza Rybina, Professor Dr.Mira Nurmakhanova and Dr.Alma Alpeisova.

The official part of the event continued with an introduction of the office of the Registrar and the office of the Quality Assurance and Institutional Research.

We wish our students the most incredible discoveries, the disclosure of their leadership potential and fruitful studies!

With best wishes,
Executive Education Center