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Coffee with the Dean

At the end of October 20220, immediately after the Fall break, the administration of the College of Social Sciences decided to call the first online event via ZOOM in current academic year for a live dialogue between students, the dean and the administration, calling it Social Networking Event “Coffee with the Dean”.

The format assumed live communication and a cup of coffee or tea served as an “entrance ticket” to the event. The communication turned out to be lively, the students asked various questions, mostly related to the organization of the educational process in the spring semester, the possibility of studying in the previous mode and the discussion of the subjects offered. Informal questions were also asked, such as the involvement of Dean Dr. Pech during his university years in the activity of student organizations.

More than 20 questions were received, to which the Dean answered in detail. Due to the fact that the event turned out to be lively and useful for both parties, it was decided to conduct such a format of communication on regular basis.