Master in Management

We are excited to welcome you to our new one year Master Program in Management

The Master of Management program at Bang College of Business, KIMEP University is dedicated to ensuring that graduates of the program will have a mastery of contemporary management grounded with both theoretical and practical concepts, theories and knowledge. By attending this course, you will acquire key skills in order to advance in your professional careers as a successful manager and intellectual.

The overarching goals of the Master of Management program are:

  • to promote excellence in the study and practice of Management through the building and strengthening of the analytical, problem-solving, and leadership capacities of its graduates;
  • to provide advance knowledge in the field of management, decision making and human resource management;
  • to train leaders who can effectively manage and successfully transform organizations in Kazakhstan and internationally; and
  • to prepare high-quality decision-makers and business leaders capable of solving contemporary business problems in a dynamic and competitive global marketplace, in an ethically and socially-responsible manner.

Unique characteristics of the program
The Master of Management has an innovative and progressive curriculum that matches leading Graduate Management programs around the world. The unique characteristics of the program include:

  • Comprehensive curriculum consisting of master-level courses in all facets of management
  • Opportunity to customize the program by selecting elective courses to fit specific career goals
  • Global connections, international faculty and students body
  • Courses are taught at evening time that provide opportunities to continue your work full-time while studying
  • Industry exposure and practical experience through supervised company internship
  • Development of research and analytical skills in the process of writing their Master Thesis project;
  • Development of skills and ability to write academic journal and conference papers and professional reports
  • Opportunities to receive financial aid and scholarships
  • To complete the program in 12 months
  • Transfer/waive some courses passed on undergraduate programs

The Master of Management program runs on a cohort system and designed for completion in one year. It is advised to enter the program in the Fall semester. However, the admission in the Spring semester is also welcome.

The language of instruction is English, courses are conducted in the evening time. The duration of the program is 2 semesters and the program can be completed in 12 months.

Faculty Profile
The Master of Management program is taught by a pool of international and Kazakhstani professors, who are all academically and/or professionally qualified according to international standards. Management faculty have a track record of preparing management and marketing graduates for careers in major local and international companies operating in Kazakhstan and abroad.