What does the Office of the Registrar do?

The purpose of the Registrar’s Office is to provide effective registration and record-keeping services, to provide accurate academic information to students, faculty, and staff, to monitor academic policies and procedures, to maintain accurate, permanent and confidential student’s records, and to provide certified documentation of academic records where necessary.

How can I contact the Office of the Registrar?

There are several ways you can contact the office of the registrar.
A. You can visit us. The Office of the Registrar is located in Valikhanov building, office 201/a
B. You can contact us by phone: +7 727 270 43 14
C. You can send e-mail: registrar@kimep.kz

What are the Office of the Registrar’s working hours?

Office of the Registrar’s working hours are from 08:00 till 18:00 without lunch break.

What are credits?

KIMEPUniversity uses the American credit system as the foundation for the curriculum. Degree requirements are stated in terms of credits rather than in terms of courses completed.

When and how can I register for a course?

You can register during registration period (see Academic Calendar for registration date).
Step 1 – make a payment (1/3 Fall + Student Activity Fee + Medical Fee, 1/3 Spring + Student Activity Fee, 100% payment for Summer Semester. Please note that it takes from 2 hours to 1 day to process payment);
Step 2 – register through the on-line registration system;
Step 3 – get your personal Schedule for classes.

I was given an error message when I tried to register. What should I do?

Please, read carefully the message and follow the instructions.

How can I register for the Foundation course?

You can register during registration period (please, refer to Academic Calendar for registration dates).
Step 1 – need to submit original of attestat, UNT Certificate and signed copy of the contract to Admission Office;
Step 2 – make payment in advance + Student Activity Fee + Medical Fee (it takes from 2 hours to 1 day to process payment);
Step 3 – need to submit X-ray (spravka #086) to Medical office;
Step 4 – register through the on-line registration system;
Step 5 – get your personal schedule for classes.

How do I view the “schedule of classes” online?

Go to KIMEPUniversity page -> Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Schedule -> Choose Semester Personal Schedule for Students. Also, you may go through the registration page after registration submission you will see “Personal Schedule for Students” link on your registration page.

What do I do if I want to drop a class?

During Registration Period (ADD/DROP period) Go to Registration page and choose “Not Registered” in the course you wish to drop and submit registration and check your personal schedule. After ADD/DROP period, you may withdraw from the course by submitting of electronic withdrawal form for each course you are going to withdraw (Go to – Student Portal or For Students/Study/Registration for courses/Withdraw from Course). The number of grade W of undergraduate course cannot exceed 10 units within the entire study period on Bachelor Degree Program. The cut off dates and amount of refund are stated in Academic Calendar.

What is a student fee?

By the decision of Executive Committee, starting from Fall 2010 a bachelor student enrolled full-time for full Semesters (Fall/Spring) must pay the student fee, that is collected for student activities by the Office of Student Affairs.

What is the G-mail?

KIMEP University Academic Communication (G-mail) policy requires all current students to have G-mail address for the official communication purposes. Because the important announcements, news and messages regarding the academic affairs, student life, campus events or administrative issues are sent to the students’ official G-mail, all students are expected to check their student G-mail on a regular basis (at least daily), and any communication sent to them by the administration or faculty is considered to be received and read by the students.
NOTE: the Computer and Information Systems Center assigns G-mail addresses.

How do I apply for State Student ID card (студенческий билет)?

Please bring 1 mat photo (size 3cm.*4cm.) of yours to the Office of the Registrar and write down your student ID number and name on the backside of the photo. Your Kazakhstani ID or Passport (udostovereniye lichnosti) should be presented as well. The ID is free of charge and can be picked up within 1 week following the ordering.

How do I obtain the official copy of my transcript?

The student with regular status has to order the transcript online (www.kimep.kz-> Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Personal Info -> Transcript Order). There is a fee for a transcript order (1 item in 1 language). The amount will be deducted from your account automatically. You do not have to pay separately for the transcript. The transcript can be printed in English or Russian or in both languages according to a student’s request.

How can I obtain “Spravka”/Student status confirmation document?

The student with regular status has to order the student status confirmation form (spravka) online (www.kimep.kz -> Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Personal Info -> Student’s Status Confirmation (Справка) Order). It is free of charge.

How long does it take to issue the documents such as Spravka, the Official transcripts, etc.?

It takes one business day to issue any document.

How do I apply for graduation?

Please, submit “Graduation request” form to the Office of the Registrar before the announced deadline. “Check out list for graduates” form must be signed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar after you receive your final grades. (Please, see deadlines in the graduation package following this way:

www.kimep.kz -> Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Graduation package -> Graduation Calendar).

Can I pay the tuition before the Fixed Payment Deadlines?

Yes, you can pay the tuition before the Fixed Payment Deadlines. It takes from 2 hours to 1 day to process payment.

How many credits do I need to complete a program?

The number of credits may vary from program to program. To earn a degree from KIMEP University, a student completes a set of credit requirements for a particular program. The requirements usually have a list of courses that must be taken, a list of elective courses, and a minimum number of credits to be earned.

I want to register for a new course, but it gives message that “you should clear up your debts for previous semester”. What does it mean?

It means that you have to check your payment report (Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Payments and Finances -> Payment Report) and see if you have any debt (Total Balance > 0) or overpayment (Total Balance <0), and if you have >0 balance then you have to pay money to clear up the debt and make prepayment for current semester; in case you have paid but do not see this payment in the Report then contact the Office of the Registrar or Accountant Office. Please note that it takes from 2 hours to 1 day to process payment.

How can I still register for class if the registration date had already passed?

You still may register during ADD/DROP period. (For the ADD/DROP period dates, please, refer to Academic calendar). For any students, whose semester registration is delayed for any reasons KIMEP has late registration period. Students need to apply online for late registration, get instructor permission, pay late registration fee per each course (refer to Tuition and Fee for current Academic Year on the website) and register.

Can I register if I have Library/Dormitory holds?

You can register with the holds. But you should remove your holds before classes start; otherwise your registration might be cancelled.

Can I register if I have X-Ray block?

You must submit your X-Ray to the Medical Center in order to register for classes. For further questions, please, contact MedicalCenter (Dormitory building, first floor).

Should I register for a course where I got “I” grade (Incomplete) to change the grade?

You do not need to register for this course, but you should change the “I” grade by the 7’Th week of the following semester, otherwise the “I” grade will automatically convert into “Failing” (“F” grade). A student may elect to repeat a course rather than remove the incomplete. In such cases student must register for the course again when it offered and pay the regular tuition fees. Please see dates in the Academic Calendar.

Can I register for the course if I have “I” grade for the prerequisite?

You are not eligible to register for the course if you have “I” grade for the prerequisites. “I” grade means that course was not completed thus you may not go to upper level courses.

What will be with my registration if I fail the prerequisite(s)?

The Office of the Registrar will delete registration for courses with failed prerequisite(s) after all KIMEP University grades will be submitted.

What do I do if a course I want to take is not listed in my registration list?

First go to KIMEP University general schedule and see if this course is offered for current semester. If yes, you can check the prerequisites for the course. If you have passed the prerequisite and still do not see the course in your registration list, please contact the Office of the Registrar. If you are making upgrade or retake of the course, please go to the “Registration for retakes” link. If it is the 3rd time you are going to retake the course, please note that you need to get a special permission. Please fill the special form from the Forms on Student Portal (Form for 3rd retake).

Can I take Graduate courses?

A KIMEP University undergraduate student with GPA 3.0 or higher may request to enroll in graduate courses in his/her last semester of study. DELETE – (See Catalog page 35 “Graduate Jump Start”).

Can I take a course(s) from completed registration part?

Yes, you may take courses from the completed part but note that overload courses will go to KIMEP University wide elective part automatically.

How do I make a refund, if I paid extra money?

Refund can only be made through submission of the online Refund Application Form and related refund terms can be found at www.kimep.kz -> Student Portal-> Study -> Payments/Finances -> Refund Application. Refund periods for Fall and Spring is 11’th week of study period and for Summer 2’d week of study period.

How do I know if the payment had gone through?

Please, check payment report online, on Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Payments / Finances -> Payment Report

Where can I view my debts and deadlines for payment?

Please, check it online:

Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Payments and Finances -> Payment Report

For payment deadlines you may refer to Academic Calendar on the website.

Where can I find information about my grades?

Please, check it online: Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Grades and Assessment -> Checklist or Grades or Unofficial Transcript

How long does it take to change the grade?

As soon as the instructor submits a hard copy of grades to the Office of the Registrar, you will see the necessary changes in the system.

How long does it take for the grades to appear online?

The grades appear online the same day upon the submission of hard copies to the Office of the Registrar.

What is the criteria for diploma with honor?

STATE DIPLOMA WITH HONORS (Красный диплом государственного образца)

According to the section 65 of the Order #152 from April 20, 2011 of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a diploma with Honor is issued to a student with the following grades A, A+, A-,B+, B and B- and whose cumulative GPA (for the entire term of study) is not lower than 3.5, who has passed all State Exams and defended Thesis with A+, A or A- grades (excluding the grades of Military Training) provided there were no retakes within entire term of study.
KIMEP University Diploma with Honors is awarded to graduates in accordance with the policy Academic Awards and Honors.

At graduation, KIMEP University recognizes students with outstanding academic performance by conferring a degree with honors. There are three levels of honors: Cum Laude (With Honors), Magna Cum Laude (With High Honors), and Summa Cum Laude (With Highest Honors). Graduating with honors is noted on the student’s transcript and is printed on the Diploma. Honors applies to both undergraduate and graduate students.
To graduate Summa Cum Laude a student must have a grade point average of 4.25 or higher.
To graduate Magna Cum Laude a student must have a grade point average of 4.15 or higher.
To graduate Cum Laude a student must have a grade point average of 4.00 or higher.
A student receives the highest level of honors for which s/he is eligible.

What is the policy addressing privacy of my student record?

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from July 27, 2007
№ 319-III «On education” and the rules KIMEP University, a student who has reached full maturity reserves the right to non-disclosure of personal and confidential information (the number of registered objects in the semester, schedule, tuition fee, debt, the student, etc.).

How can a parent request for student personal information, such as grades, student’s status, financial payment, etc?

The student must sign and submit SF 016 Form (Consent Form for Use and Disclosure of Student Information) to the Registrar’s Office. After that the Office of the Registrar will be able to provide student’s personal information to third parties.

When will I receive my diploma?

The dates will be announced on the student portal after your graduation. Please see Graduation Calendar on portal for all deadlines (Student Portal or For Students -> Study -> Graduation package   -> Graduation Calendar)

Can somebody (my parents, family members, etc) receive my diploma or any other documents from the Office of the Registrar on my behalf?

If you are not able to receive your diploma/or other official documents such as UNT certificate, high school attestat, etc., by yourself, a person who is receiving on your behalf, should provide a notarized Power of Attorney that you allow the particular person to receive your documents from the Office of the Registrar at KIMEP University.

Do you send a documents (diploma, transcripts, etc.) by post?

The Office of the Registrar sends Documents by post. All expenses related to documents mailing via courier post service are to be paid by student directly to the courier post service. KIMEP University does not accept payments for documents delivery via courier service. Thus, it is the student, who is solely responsible to make all necessary the documents delivery related arrangements, through contacting courier post service and making payments. KIMEP University does not accept any legal liability for documents delivery from the moment of handling documents to the courier service.

What is a KIMEP University Diploma?

KIMEP University Diploma is designed based on the International Standards. The International Diploma design is usually as A4 format. Starting from 2010, KIMEP University Diploma is issued only in English. KIMEP University diploma comes with a copy of official transcript in English language.

What is a State Diploma?

State Diploma is designed based on the State Diploma Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 2010 KIMEP University started issuing the state diploma in addition to KIMEP University diploma for the graduates. State Diploma comes with three copies of transcripts in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, and English.

Can KIMEP University alumni who graduated before 2010 receive State Diploma?

In 2013, Office of the Registrar has received an authorization to issue State Diploma to KIMEP University Alumni who graduated before 2010. In order to apply for the diploma issue, a graduate is required to submit a number of documents. For the details and for application itself, please, proceed to Diploma issue/reissue form

How can I transfer credits from other universities, institutions to KIMEP University?

Newly admitted students, who did not indicated their status as student transferring (intentionally or unintentionally) from other universities (from KZ or abroad) will not be able to transfer any courses later during their study term, except for the cases of pre-approved exchange programs or pre-approved study abroad programs. Registrar will, therefore, make the course transfer during study only for above mentioned groups.

if I pay from abroad :

Feel free to show English version Bank requisites KIMEP BankRequisits (3rd page in the document) of the KIMEP University’s accounts to a bank’s teller you are going to pay with.

How to write name of the Bank ?

Bankcentercredit JSC

How to write bank account of KIMEP ?

our University accepts Kazakhstan tenge, Unated States dollars, and EURO.

If you would like to pay in US dollars, please use this account:
If you would like to pay in EURO, please use this account:

Code of the bank ?


Name of addressee

KIMEP University JSC

Address of addressee

050010, Kazakhstan, Almaty, 4 Abai ave.

How long does it take?

Please note that it takes about 2-3 weeks to accept your payment in currency to your student ID due to the long bank procedures.