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KIMEP was established in 1992 when President Nazarbayev asked Dr. Chan Young Bang to form an Institute that would provide a western style higher education, using English as the language of instruction. The President’s strategic vision can be seen in the almost parallel establishment of the Bolashak scholarship program and, interestingly, both programs have each produced around 10,000 graduates who have made substantial contributions to the social and economic development of Kazakhstan.

KIMEP provides a high quality learning experience based upon best western practice. In September, 2013, all established programs received accreditation from AQ Austria, an international accreditation agency recognized formally by both the European Quality Assurance Register and the Ministry of Education and Science. Other international accreditations have been received from:

  1. Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA): certificate of Institutional Accreditation
  2. Foundation for International Business Administration(FIBAA): for the Executive MBA and Mini-MBA
  3. Asian Forum for Business Education (AFBE): Level 3 accreditation for all business undergraduate and graduate degrees
  4. European Association for Public Administration Accreditation  (EAPAA): accreditation for undergraduate and graduate programs in public administration
  5. American Communication Association (ACA): accreditation for undergraduate and graduate programs in journalism.

Over 10% of students and 40% of academic staff are international. The University has over 100 international partnerships with universities in Europe, Asia, North America and elsewhere. Around a third of partners are ranked in the top 400 universities worldwide. There are 13 double degrees whereby students exchange between partners and receive two degree awards, one from KIMEP and the other from the partner institution. A further 4 dual degree programs are due to be established shortly. In 2012-2013, there were 89 incoming and 175 outgoing student exchanges. There is little doubt that such exchanges add greatly to the student learning experience at KIMEP, adding value in terms of diversity, sharing experiences, broadening horizons, and enhanced employability of graduates.

The employment rate of our graduates is phenomenally high because, in all our programs, we aim to provide a student-centered learning experience in which the emphasis is upon what the students can do, not simply what they can remember.It is fair to say that KIMEP University has safeguarded the founding vision given to it by President Nazarbayev, 20 years ago.