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Research Center

Eurasian Centre for Law, Innovation, and Development (ECLID)

The Centre focuses on the relationship between law, economic regulation, innovation, society, and development, in particular for Central Asia and Eurasia.

The aim is to spark conversation and collaborations between scholars, practitioners and government officials, on different topics lying at the intersection between law, innovation, and development. To do so, the Centre aims to promote research on related subjects, organise conferences, workshops and other scholarly activities and to become a reference point for regulatory action in Central Asia.

The Centre also seeks to increase student interest in law and economics, and regulation, and to organise seminars on these topics.Finally, the Centre aspires to increase the cross-fertilization between legal disciplines and other social sciences. In this vein, it fosters interdisciplinary research which is timely and useful for the regulatory challenges faced by Central Asia and Eurasia.

Director: Prof. Claudio Lombardi

2 Abay Avenue,
123 New Academic Building
050010, Almaty, Kazakhstan
KIMEP University
+7 (727) 271-71-71 (ext. 2727)