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Quick Facts

Foundation: The Law School is the youngest college at KIMEP University, established in 2010.

Mission: The Law School provides high-quality undergraduate (LL.B) and graduate (LL.M) education in national and international law, and prepares students to take leadership and management roles in the development of the business economy, legal practice community, and civil society in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the rest of the world.

Language of Instructions: All classes are taught in English language. Some disciplines include terminology in Russian and Kazakh languages.

Program Curriculum: The Law School at KIMEP University teaches Kazakhstani law while applying Western methodologies. Over the duration of the program, students will attain critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition, students will practice drafting legal documents, negotiation and advocacy.

Experience shows that this approach to legal education provides students with practical and theoretical skills in the practice of law, as well as effective knowledge in substantive law.

Moreover, the Law School organizes lectures, seminars and conferences in cooperation with international faculty members, scholars, universities and research institutes.

The Law Faculty: The Law School employs foreign and local scholars and practitioners. The faculty invests in high-quality teaching and aspires to advance its students’ knowledge through research development. The faculty members publish articles in international and national peer-reviewed journals and they engage in the publication of books in their fields of expertise.

Accreditation and Ranking: The Master of Law program received European accreditation from the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQAAA) and in 2014, it was recognized by the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency as the number one program in the country.

International Opportunities: KIMEP International Relations Office supports the Law School in maintaining extensive student exchange programs with foreign universities.

Extracurricular Activities: There is a Legal Clinic in the Law School, which provides the opportunity to practice law with the support of faculty members. The students obtain practical experience in conducting interviews, counseling, advising clients, investigating, and analyzing facts. The Legal Clinic serves for the benefit of the community, providing quality legal consulting services at no charge.

Alumni:Law School graduates have excellent analytical skills and can provide a reasonable solution to any problem. They also have excellent research, writing, and public speaking skills to stay on top of new developments and to pursue training in their professional field.