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Executive MBA

Executive MBA description

The First Western style Executive MBA Program in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Executive Education Center at KIMEP University offers an Executive MBA degree, which is Central Asia’s leading MBA program for executives and top managers.

  • Students are top and mid-level managers from 18 different sectors and fields of the economy
  • The average monthly salary of program graduates is 2.5 times higher than the national average
  • Average salary increase within one year of program completion is 54%
  • Average return on investment in tuition is 100% within 1 year of graduation

Program Goals

  • Improvement of managerial skills
  • Enhancement of business options
  • Implementation of successful business strategies and tools for resolving business problems

International Accreditation and Global Rankings

  • Accredited by the Austrian Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (AQAAA), by Federation of International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and by Asian Forum of Business Education (AFBE)
  • Accredited by the Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA)
  • High positions in EdUniversal Global Higher Education Ranking

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FIBAA Accreditation

List of documents required for admission

  1. Application form (fill in through KIMEP web-site https://www.kimep.kz/ext/application/online//
  2. Copy of your passport and National ID card
  3. Copy of your Diploma with transcript (with grades)
  4. 8 color photographs, matte, size 3×4
  5. Resume in English language
  6. 2 recommendation letters
  7. Copy of Employment history book, attested by HR department (stamp of HR dept) For a corporate group of listeners (3 and more listeners) an official letter confirming that the employees belong to one organization is needed.
  8. #075-U form (or its equivalent for foreign citizens original dоc must be submitted to KIMEP Medical Center) Reference with X-ray snapshot and its description, also a copy of # 065form (vaccination, for applicants of age 32 and under)№
  9. Motivational letter (1 page A4), defining why you want to study on the program (in English language)
  10. KEPT – KIMEP English language test
  11. SFLT – State foreign language test


Zhanna Bolotova
Executive MBA manager

Executive Education Center

Bang college of Business
Abay ave 2, Office №202, Dostyk bld.
E-mail: eec-ext@kimep.kz

Assel Kozhamseitova
Sales and advertisement manager
Executive Education Center

Bang college of Business
Abay ave 2, Office №201а Dostyk bld.
Mobile (WhatsApp): +7 778 821 6555
E-mail: a.kozhamseitova@kimep.kz

Madina Izbassarova

Marketing manager
Executive Education Center

Bang college of Business
Abay ave 2, Office №201а Dostyk bld.
Mobile (WhatsApp): +7 777 002 3793
E-mail: m.izbassarova@kimep.kz

Bakytgul Tundikbayeva
Executive Education Center
Bang college of business
Abay ave. 2, Office #218 Dostyk bld.
Mobile phone (WhatsApp): +7 701 740 0173
E-mail: Bakytgul@kimep.kz 

Samal Jazykbayeva

Deputy Director
Executive Education Center
Bang college of business
Abay ave. 2, Office #202 Dostyk bld.
Mobile phone (WhatsApp): +7 777 002 1916

E-mail: jsamal@kimep.kz

Учебная программа и курсы

Program Duration: 18 months
Language of Instruction: English/Russian
Faculty: Business industry experts, international professors, holders of Ph.D. degrees from Western universities

Core Management Concepts

  • Applied Managerial Economics
  • Finance and Accounting: Theory and Applications

Leadership and Technology Development

  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership Ethics
  • Data Analytics and Digital Transformation of Business

Foundation Concepts

  • Research Methodology and Report Writing
  • Human Resource Strategy

Decision Making

  • Management Control Systems
  • Corporate Finance and Investment Decision Making

Global Perspectives

  • Operations & Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Risk Management

Integrative Concepts

  • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Executive MBA Thesis/ Integrated business research project

* Business Enlgish -required course for EMBA Russian cohorts

Specializations of EMBA at KIMEP
Students may obtain an Executive MBA degree without a major. However, the students who would like to pursue a specific major may take three additional modules of 15 additional ECTS credits beyond the main program
– Oil and Gas Sphere Management
– Leadership and Organizational Development
– Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
– Corporate Governance
– Finance
– Marketing
– Management
– Public Administration


Senior members of the Bang College of Business’s faculty and prominent practitioners from the business community are invited to teach in KIMEP’s Executive MBA Program.

You will learn from experts in their areas of study. They will share their knowledge and insights, challenge assumptions, and encourage you to debate ideas.
Meet the people who will prepare you to take your career and organizations to the next level.

Nejat Capar, Ph.D.

Alma Alpeissova, DBA

Mira Nurmakhanova, Ph.D.

Nurlan Orazalin, DBA

Liza Rybina, DBA

Vladimir Garkavenko, Ph.D.

Zhanat Syzdykov, MPA

Halil Kiymaz, Ph.D.

Hamid Reza Shahbazkia, Ph.D.

International Modules

KIMEP University has more than 170 partner universities worldwide. Depending on the timetable and business specialization of our students, there are different International Modules available during the year.


In 2013, Executive MBA students had the opportunity to study the economic success story of one of the “Asian Tigers” up close. The trip included visits to Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Two courses were offered for this trip, Applied Managerial Economics and Management Control Systems.


Executive MBA students had the opportunity to visit Prague for a special module on Strategic Management and Business Policy. This module was conducted in cooperation with the city’s Higher School of Economics. Participants held a number of meetings, including with the Staropramen Brewery, Radio Free Europe and Max Munson’s acclaimed Jama restaurant.


In the summer of 2023 Executive MBA students had a unique opportunity of taking a module at the Swiss School of Higher Education, Montreux. Students studied “Strategic Management and Business Policy” module with Dr. Denis, industry expert and economics professor. The students had the industrial visit to Piaget (the manufacturer of jewelry watches), which gave them an opportunity to explore the international business setting. Twenty students from two Russian corporate groups of JSC “Kazakhtelecom” participated in this exciting international module.


Meet EMBA Alumni

Dias Joldasbai

Head of the Client Service Department, Kazakhtelecom JSC


As a graduate of KIMEP University’s Executive MBA program, I can attest to its transformative impact. The emphasis on practical, real-world application alongside a rigorous academic curriculum equipped me with the skills to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape. The faculty and many industry experts provided invaluable mentorship, enriching our learning journey—moreover, the diverse cohort of professionals from various industries enhanced class discussions and networking opportunities. The program’s flexibility allowed me to balance work and studies effectively.

What truly set KIMEP apart were the frequent one-day seminars, where we gleaned nuggets of knowledge directly applicable to our roles at Kazakhtelecom. Our trip to Switzerland was another highlight, blending deep dives into global business management with cultural immersion, broadening our perspectives profoundly. KIMEP’s EMBA isn’t just about education, it’s a holistic journey of intellectual and cultural enrichment, empowering professionals like me to embrace leadership roles and advance our careers confidently. I highly recommend this program for those seeking a transformative educational experience.


Zhalgas Begeshov

Director of Home Credit Bank branch in Semey


During the pandemic in 2020, I started thinking about my further development and worked on my Individual Development Plan. I decided to pursue additional education, but it took a long time to decide on the choice of educational institution. My senior colleague recommended me to consider KIMEP for my further career development. I am glad that I did not make a mistake in my choice. KIMEP is not only a story about obtaining quality education. It’s also a story about expanding my connections, gaining new reliable friends and partners. If initially I wanted to systematize the experience I had gained earlier and improve my skills, then KIMEP greatly helped me with that. Another factor in choosing KIMEP is the very convenient format: offline and online courses on the weekends.


Advantages of EMBA program

  • Expansion of your horizons
  • Leadership skills and the ability to manage more efficiently
  • In-depth understanding of business, both in theory and in practice
  • Socializing and sharing experience with other successful executives
  • First-hand experience from experts in specific business areas
  • Development and enhancement of strategic business task resolution skills
  • Implementation of best practices, new ideas, and innovations into your organization’s everyday operations
  • Improvement of decision making, negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Maximizing the efficiency and the effectiveness of your business processes, and, as a result, increasing overall enterprise revenue
  • Learning from the outstanding professors of KIMEP University and discussing the issues relevant for your company

Key Features of the program

All instructors are PhD-qualified international faculty and prominent business experts.
The instructors bring a global perspective to the program by sharing their experience from different countries.

The program equips students with the most innovative managerial tools and benefits both professionals and organizations. It raises executive issues faced by today’s managers.

The program helps to address such challenges as the utilization of new tools and technology, modern organizational perspectives and business practices, the achievement of the business objectives, and monitoring of the business results.

The learning equipment includes wireless Internet connection, a web-accessible database of classroom materials, video-conferencing and optional simultaneous-translation support. An e-learning platform supports the core program courses. Computer labs are equipped with multimedia capabilities.

The curriculum considers diverse organizational requirements in the Central Asian and international contexts and thus, equips students with multi angle vision in decision-making.

EMBA is a case-based learning, students work individually and in groups to generate business solutions and resolve business problems through the in-class discussions.

Cost and Time-Effective
Intensive seminars and studies increase the overall learning efficiency and help acquire necessary skills and knowledge for further career success.
Each 3-credit course takes about three weekends to complete.