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About Us

Since 1994, the Executive Education Center (EEC) of KIMEP (former College of Continuing Education before becoming) has offered dynamic programs that allow professionals to further upgrade their skills and gain a competitive edge in the labor market. As part of the institute’s commitment to lifelong learning, the EEC addresses this for further skill development through two separate tracks. First, it provides a range of opportunities for middle managers and experienced professionals to come to KIMEP and receive focused training in a flexible format that suits their schedules. This wide array of offerings includes a market-leading Executive MBA, professional development programs, language courses and regular roundtables on issues facing the Kazakhstani business community.

EEC also works closely with partners to ensure that they have access to programs that are specifically tailored to meet their particular needs. This makes EEC an excellent platform for business companies, NGOs and Governmental bodies wishing to acquire the necessary tools and global knowledge to adapt to meet rapidly changing market opportunities.


Dean’s Message

Redefining the Art and Science of Leadership

Today’s leaders must strike a balance between self-reflection and action to help their organizations to adapt to the unknown. Just as importantly, they must know themselves and understand their impact on others. KIMEP’s Executive MBA in that sense is designed to help you shape your personal and professional development by combining a wide range of innovative learning methods designed to expand your range of effective leadership and management styles.

The program combines a wide range of innovative learning methods to help you develop an authentic leadership style. With a combination of experience and talent, our faculty creates a top-notch learning experience and bring together theory and practice that influences business.

The KIMEP Executive MBA program offers a convenient schedule that allows you to study while you work. The modular design enables you to make an immediate impact at work. Our EMBA curriculum includes a unique Problems at Work methodology (PAW), the objective of which is to allow our students to bring actual work-related issues to class, discuss with peers and develop innovative solutions. Done under the guidance of experienced faculty and mentors, PAW has proven to help students add immense and immediate value at work resulting in recognition, rewards and career progression.

Developing a strong professional network, boosting key knowledge and skills, and accelerating career progression are three big reasons why ambitious professionals choose to go to business school. However, with time being such a valuable asset, many people are understandably reluctant to take time away from work and family life to pursue a traditional classic full-time MBA. This is just one reason why the option of an Executive MBA is important—it provides rigorous, specialized training for career-focused professionals, and can be completed in as little as 18 months.  Similarly, the bonds fostered with EMBA students during the program often translate to lifetime friendships and business opportunities.

In the end, I would like to welcome you in joining KIMEP family of over 12 000 alumni spread all across the globe.


Executive Education Center

Office 102, KIMEP University, Executive Education Center
2 Abai Avenue, 050100 Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


Bakytgul Tundikbayeva
Director Executive Education Center of KIMEP University
Executive Education Center of KIMEP University
Office #227
Telephone: +7 (727) 270 42 88, ext. #2034
Mobile phone: +7(701) 740 01 73
E-mail: bakytgul@kimep.kz
4, Abai Ave.,
Republic of Kazakhstan
Samal Jazykbayeva
Deputy Director Executive Education Center of KIMEP University
Executive Education Center of KIMEP University
Office #103
Telephone: +7 (727) 237 47 87, ext. #1117
Mobile phone: +7 (777) 002 19 16
E-mail: jsamal@kimep.kz
4, Abai Ave.,
Republic of Kazakhstan