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Dear Alumni,

We are pleased to announce Alumni Fest 2023 has been organized for you on Friday, 29 th of September. We
are expecting Alumni from every batch to join us in the Fest meet.
Please save the date in your calendar and spend the whole day learning from KIMEP peers (professionals in
various fields) and celebrate together alongside with KIMEP Alumni musicians- Arif & Mikah performing
specially for you.
See you soon


KIMEP Alumni Fest in Almaty

September 29, 2023

New Building, KIMEP campus,  HAll №2

12.30-13.00 Registration of the members


13.00-13.45 Gani Uzbekov, MA 1997, Founder and General Director, S1lkPay LTD
S1LKPAY: why did we decide to go beyond Kazakhstan?About the experience of Kazakhstani fintech startup expansion abroad: reasons for expansion and lessons learned.
13.45- 14.30 Aida Alzhanova, MBA 1995

Specialist in strategic and organisational development. Aida Alzhanova has spent 13 years of her career at the United Nations – she headed the country office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Kazakhstan, worked at the Fund’s headquarters in New York in the Asia-Pacific Department.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan in the UN in New York, adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, coordinated the work of foreign experts under Tony Blair. Expert on gender equality and SDGs.

Currently founded own consulting company ACG, specializing in organizational and strategic development. Trainer, coach, facilitator, mentor.

“Why are people poor in a country rich in oil?”

Why do we need economic diversification based on a variety of opinions and approaches?

14.30 – 15.15 Olga Mun (BSSPS 2011) is a doctoral researcher at the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. Olga’s main research interest is in the topics of epistemic injustice across all levels of education and across national borders with a focus on higher education and the process of knowledge production in academic institutes and universities. Her core interest lies between the areas of social epistemology, research on research (RoR) and comparative and international education (CIE). She has been a recipient of multiple research awards in the United States, Hungary, Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom. On the role of higher education community in social transformations

Olga’s talk will address the most pressing issues faced by the Central Asian societies such as democratisation and climate change, and will focus on how higher education community that includes students, academics, and alumni can all fruitfully participate in addressing them. The talk will be based on the analysis of the newest academic literature on the social role and mission of higher education.

16.00-16.15 Coffee-break, networking
16.15-17.00 Kamila Lukpanova, BAIJ 2009 and MPA 2011, Head of Almaty Tourism Bureau and “Tana” public fund
Project manager and expert in governmental relations field. Working on the state projects in the field of tourism, culture and education.
Project Management: “How Tools Can Help in Life”

Kamila will share her experience based on her projects discussing how to establish processes and see a project through to completion, highlighting mistakes and lessons learned, and most importantly, focusing on the global idea and the team.

17.00-17.45 Elnora Rozmut, BAIJ 2011 and MAIJ 2017, Brand strategist, media manager, founder, and CEO of the IT and technology media company ER10 Media

With over 13 years of practical PR experience.

She worked as a lecturer for 6 years at KIMEP and Almau universities.

Author of methodologies and training programs on reputation management and brand strategy development from scratch

Media Management: How to Create a Sustainable Media Startup
17.45-18.30 Madi Aitimov, BSC 2012

Ambassador of the Almaty Marathon Running coach, certified personal growth coach Director of the BRAVE Runners team Author of braverunner.ru

How to Become the Champion of Your Life”

• How to run your first 42 kilometers. • How to build an athletic physique. • 5 points to add and eliminate for your growth. • Why winners are always chosen and the unconfident are left behind. • How to create a dream team.

18.30-19.00 Coffee-break, networking
19.00-19.30 Dulatbek Ikbayev, BSC 2005, Managing Partner, McKinsey& Company

Dulatbek is passionate about start-up ecosystem being active angel investor. Co-founder of Kimep Alumni Endowement Fund and co-founder of Teach for Qazaqstan social projects in education fields.

KIMEP Endowment Fund: Navigating the Future Through Education. 

How we can make the difference all together and about the results of the work done and plans for the future.

19.30 -22.00 Live music, networking
20.00 Group Photo
22.00 Thank you and Good night!