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Open House Day 2022 AKTAU

Open House Day in Aktau
November 19 (Saturday), 2022
3.00-6.00 PM


Conference hall 3.00-6.00 PM   How to enter KIMEP. Questions and Answers

Get information on admission and different areas of training and majors offered by our University.

4.00-5.00 PM   Interesting and Informative. Questions and Answers

Leading KIMEP faculty will lead an interactive academic game that you will get to be a part of!

5.00-6.00 PM Employment and Career Opportunities for Our Students and Graduates. Questions and Answers

Our pride – the representatives of KIMEP Alumni in Aktau will tell you about the employment support for graduates, and will share their experience of studying at KIMEP University.

Venue: Conference hall of the Renaissance Hotel

9 micro district, Aktau, Kazakhstan