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Career Talks: How to build a career in consulting

Speaker – Artyom Antonov, EY Consulting Department Manager.

The main areas of projects at EY are sustainable finance, ESG, bank risk management and strategy.
Prior to joining EY, he worked in consulting (including The Boston Consulting Group), where he worked on strategy and
risk management for financial institutions, and in the largest banks in the CIS (in the functions of strategy and ESG).

He graduated from a school in Cyprus, the Graduate School of Management in St. Petersburg with a degree in International Business, has a master’s degree from the Business School in Copenhagen and the London School of Economics, CFA holder.

The speaker will talk about working in BIG3 and BIG4, will share insights, real cases, advice, career opportunities in the company, and also about work experience abroad.

Date: December 2, 2022
Time: 12:00
Hall №1 (New building)

Language: Russian