Career Talks: Leadership and Project management

Career Talks

Leadership and Project management

  • What is Project Management?
  • How to organize project management?
  • Practical advice
  • How to develop project leadership skills as a student?


Aigerim Magzumova- KIMEP University Alumni and participant in the Mars Leadership Experience Program (MLEP) – knows about project management not in the theory, but in practice, because the MLEP program develops leadership skills through the management of large-scale projects of the company. She will share her unique experience and knowledge of international project management. Active participants of the webinar will receive a special bonus prize from MARS.

Date: November 26, 2021

Time: 15-00

Link: https://zoom.us/j/95993459489?pwd=MmxxYzZTUUZMV2JFTjkyWjIwelJqUT09

Language: Russian