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Tuition Fee

KIMEP University understands the needs of our students and that some students and their families may experience financial difficulties during the current crisis. Therefore KIMEP has made a number of changes related to tuition and payment for Summer School Session I in order to accommodate our students.

Details of Summer Session I special arrangements:

1. Summer 1, 2020tuition payment may be paid at the beginning of the summer session or may be divided into two installments payments:

The First payment is due no later than  May 12, and the Second is due no later than June 10, 2020. Students who are not current on their payments will not be allowed to sit for final exams and will have their registration cancelled;

2. Summer 1, 2020:There are no Late Payment Fees nor Late Registration Fees;
3. Summer 1, 2020:All students taking classes during Summer Session I will be given 10% of their tuition fee in financial aid.

4. Summer 2, 2020:Please note that the above decisions on 2 installments and 10% financial aid are for Summer Session 1 only. Summer 2 requires 100% prepayment before registration and no debt from Summer Session I. The Summer Session II registration and payment deadlines follow the academic catalogue. Changes to Summer II 2020 tuition payment, if any, will be announced in June.

The Financial Aid Office collects all requests related to tuition payments. The staff are all working remotely processing all incoming phone calls and requests via email, Telegram and WhatsApp. Students with financial difficulties should contact the Financial Aid Office.


Telephone: +7 (727) 270-4316

Whatsapp: +7 (707) 970-4316

COVID-19 Information about Tuition & Fees

If you’re experiencing a hardship related to paying the Summer 2020 tuition, and you would like to discuss payment options, please contact FinAid Office at finaid@kimep.kz and +7 (727) 270 43 16, WhatsApp: +7 (707) 970 43 16

Our policies are regularly being reviewed and that any changes will be updated to the web-page.

Dear students,

The Kazakhstan Government Office announced yesterday that the current quarantine will continue until April 30, 2020. We are still waiting to hear from Akimat their plans for Almaty for the next 3 weeks. We understand the inconvenience this places on everyone, but we also know that this is necessary to protect the citizens of Kazakhstan and Almaty.

KIMEP will continue to be closed as ordered by the Ministry of Education and Mayor’s Office of Almaty, except for a few essential staff who are maintaining the basic operations of the campus. Online teaching and learning are new experiences for both faculty and students; please have patience with the process.

Everyone is learning, but things seem to get better every day. We know for some students online learning has been a difficult challenge. If KIMEP can help please let us know. Please stay in touch with your professors regarding your classes and exams. If you are not able to reach your professor, information regarding contacts for the HELP Desks are available on the Banner of the front page of KIMEP website (https://kimep.kz/en/) or through the STUDENT LEARNING SUPPORT CENTER ( https://kimep.kz/en/blog/2020/04/02/help-desk-contacts/ ).

Exam information was sent to all students at the beginning of the week. If you have questions about your exams, please contact your professor. You are still responsible for your learning and for your classes.

 Information regarding summer school is available at Student portal->study -> schedule-> general schedule-su1/2020 or su2/2020

Please stay safe. Wear masks, gloves, wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing.


Dr. Timothy Barnett
Provost and General Deputy to the President
KIMEP University
Almaty KZ

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We’ve created some KIMEP-branded Zoom backgrounds to bring a KIMEP look and feel to all your digital learning, virtual meetings, and more.

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