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Effective Communication Skills

Speaker – Askhat Bekishev, Professional Development Manager JTI Kazakhstan Askhat will tell you:
● What is communication
● About the map of the world and inequality of communications
● What types of behavior are there and how to say “no” correctly
● What  “communication skills ” mean in your resume?
● They say  that happiness is when you are understood. How would you continue tiness is when you are understood. How would you continue the phrase “When you are not understood – this is …… ..”?
● Why is it difficult to convince or over persuade the interlocutor?
● What is more important – words, intonation or posture?
● How important is the speaker’s behavior during communication?
You will get answers to these questions during the online session on communication skills!
Date: February 19, 2021
Time: 17:00