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Fall 2021 Exchange program applications with Erasmus+ scholarship opportunities

New Call* of application for Erasmus+ scholarship in partner European
Universities in Fall 2021. Erasmus+ program is financed by European

Please be informed that the Call is tentative, as the exchange
program will depend on the situation in the world.

Link for application:
Program Application Form for Erasmus online via My KIMEP Portal (Study → Additional Study Options → Outgoing Exchange Program → Apply online now ERASMUS F2021)

# University Fields of Study # of places Note
Financial Conditions of Erasmus scholarship:
1 University of Zagreb, Croatia For master students of MBA, MMKT,MMGT, LLM, MPMA, MAE, MAIJ
AND MIR programs
2 master students Stipend: 800 Euro per month.

Travel expenses: 820 Euro
Faculty of Economics and Business,
https://www.efzg.unizg.hr/study-programmes-and-enrolment/study-programmes-38329/english-taught-study-programmes/11770 ,
Law faculty, https://www.pravo.unizg.hr/en/international/exchange_students/courses
Faculty of Political Science, https://www.fpzg.unizg.hr/en/in/courses_in_english
2 Uppsala University, Sweden For bachelor students of BCB, CSS and CHE colleges
(but there are some limitations for enrollment on business
6 bachelor students Requirements: Bachelor’s degree nominated students must
have studied at least to 2 years of the Bachelor’s program
and be at least 20 years old
Stipend: 900 Euro per month.

Travel expenses: 820 Euro
Please carefully check courses before applications on
https://www.uu.se/en/admissions/exchange/courses/ using
Autumn 2021 (or 2020) filter.
3 Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia For master students of BCB college 1 master student Stipend: 800 Euro per month.

Travel expenses: 820 Euro
General MBA
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Management
MBA in Corporate Finance
MBA in Accounting, Auditing, and Taxes
MBA in Finance and Banking
MBA in Quantitative Finance
MBA in Human Resource Management

Please see the new eligibility and application requirements below and in
the attached file according to the last approved policy on outgoing
exchange programs.
Eligibility for application to Erasmus+ scholarship:

  • have GPA of 3.7 or higher;
  • a solid command of English language (average GPA in English language
    courses min. B (3.0)/ or IELTS 6/ TOEFL IBT 72/ TOEFL PBT 523);
  • be at least 18 years old, for students applying to Uppsala university –
    be at least 20 years old;
  • be full-time degree student;


  • 30 to 100 credits for bachelor students;
  • 9 credits for master students.

Application documents to be uploaded:


  • Online Application form
  • Copy of international passport
  • Attendance of at least one mobility program information session


  • Winner certificates of intellectual challenges, Olympiads, competitions
    (received during the current study level at KIMEP – bachelor, master,
  • Winner certificates of athletic challenges (received during the current
    study level at KIMEP – bachelor, master, doctoral)
  • Community service certificates (received during the current study level
    at KIMEP – bachelor, master, doctoral )
  • Reference letters
  • Confirmation of vulnerability status

Note: application files should not exceed 3 MB in order to be uploaded.

According to the last approved policy, students do not need to write a
motivation essay.


Application deadline: February 8, 2021 at 23:59

For more information, please contact the International Office Coordinator,
Nailya Akhmarova, +77272374800, ext.1085, outgoing@kimep.kz