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We are glad to introduce you a new course – “Health Information Systems” (PAD3554)
This introductory level course provides an overview of a range of selected computer applications. This course is designed to introduce students to the most commonly used computer applications used by health care managers and organizations to manage its processes, operations, resources and assets. Computer applications, standalone or as part of information systems, play important role in enhancing the productivity of employees and organizations.

This course is elective for students minoring in “Health Administration” and others interested in computer applications and information systems.

Instructor: Al Artaman, Ph.D. in Epidemiology, MD, MHA, MSc, Bachelor in Web Development
Dr. Artaman is an epidemiologist with years of experience in clinical, public and global health epidemiology. He had previously worked as a director in public sector, a researcher in academia, and a consultant in private sector. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba (Canada), and a WHO (EU, IARC) consultant and collaborator. He was also a visiting professor at universities in Thailand and Kazakhstan. He is an expert for the Global Burden of Disease Study (University of Washington).