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Toward Education – December 11

The Influence of the Social Sciences Abstract The topic of education is a highly contentious one in terms of the relationship between education and interest in political issues. In this article, we present our findings from a survey that we conducted at KIMEP University in Kazakhstan on the issue of how our sample views education and the impact of education on political issues. In terms of the impact of education on political issues, while we found that one’s major (i.e. those majoring in the social sciences), the years spent at university (i.e. upper-class men), and those who admire democracy are all salient in terms of how that person views the beneficial impact of education on political issues, we found that majoring in the social sciences is the most important factor. Regarding the debate on the impact of education, our argument is that the type of education is one receives (i.e. an individual’s major) is more salient than time spent at university.

Friday, 11 December, 17.00
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