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Payment policy

The semester fee is fixed and does not depend on move in date. 

  • Fall semester (from August 17,2020 – December 31, 2020) – KZT 237, 914
  • Spring Semester (from January 1, 2021 – May 23, 2021) – KZT 251, 607
  • Summer I (May 24, 2021 – July 19, 2021) – KZT 99, 274
  • Summer II (July 20, 2021- August 7, 2021) -KZT 32, 521

All residents have to move out from the Residence hall on August 7, 2021. The exceptions are made on the case by case basis and fee is KZT 17, 116 for August 8, 2021-August 17, 2021.

Fee payment options
At the beginning of the academic year, before move in, students have three options for paying residence fee:

  1. Pay fee at once for one academic year.
  2. Pay the semester fee at the beginning of the semester.
  3. Pay the semester fee in three equal installments. First payment should be done prior move in, two others in accordance with the tuition payment schedule. Second and third payment due dates coincide with the tuition payment deadlines.
Fall semester Spring Semester
1/3 of  the semester residence fee is to be paid prior to arrival prior to arrival  prior to arrival 
Second Payment Deadline – (second 1/3 of total residence fee is due) (only for those who choose to pay by 3 installments per semester) by September 25, 2020 as the latest  by February 12, 2021 as the latest 
Third Payment Deadline – (final 1/3 of total residence fee is due) by October 23, 2020 as the latest  by March 12, 2021 as the latest 

Payment by installment is applied for regular semesters only. Summer semesters require 100% prepayment.

You can check this link for more detailed information: https://www.kimep.kz/current-students/ru/student-affairs/housing/