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Minor And Health

To all KIMEP bachelor students – a NEW MINOR available

Department of Public Administration and International Development

Minor in Health Administration

The Department of Public Administration is offering a new bachelor’s minor in Health Administration. Broadly speaking, the courses cover individual and social behaviors in population health; public policies, institutions, and administration; and the ethics, economics, and assessment of healthcare delivery, including private and state health insurance regimes.

Recent events show the close links among sociological/demographic factors, governance, and the economy; and the need to harmonize these for the optimum welfare of society. Holders of the minor strengthen their profile as they also qualify for work as experts and consultants in the national and regional branches of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, in NGOs and in the management of hospitals, clinics and health insurance companies.

The courses offered are:

  • Population and Health Management

  • Health Delivery Systems, Regulation, and Compliance

  • Disaster Management

  • Health Economics

  • Introduction to Epidemiology

There are no prerequisites for the first four courses, while a statistics or data analysis course is required for the Introduction to Epidemiology.

For more information please contact the CSS Program Coordinator at css_coordinator@kimep.kz.