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KIMEP University opened its campus-in-campus facility in AIFC in Nur-Sultan

The Bang College of Business (BCB) secured an academic educational center for the whole university in Astana International Financial Centre.

The Dean of Bang College of Business, Dr Jay Lee and the AIFC Deputy Chairman, Mr. Yernur Rysmangambetov formally opened KIMEP campus-in-campus facility in Eurasion Hall of AIFC Bureau for CPD on 2 July 2019. The campus-in-campus facility is located on the third floor of AIFC.

“For KIMEP, as the flagship of the Kazakhstani higher education, it was a top priority to have its active presence in Astana International Financial Centre. Achieving it required intensive negotiation and demonstration of C-level business expertise. Thus, KIMEP and BCB in particular, proved that it has its well-deserved place in the highest profile financial centre in Kazakhstan”, commented the Dean of BCB, Dr Jay Lee.

Dr Nadeem Khalid, the Associate Dean of BCB to EEC and Professor Alexander Van de Putte, Chairman of the AIFC Academic Council were the other official representatives who participated in the official ribbon-cutting of the KIMEP University’s campus-in-campus facility in AIFC. The Associate Dean explained that the facility is the place where KIMEP will provide its executive programs to companies positioned in Nur-Sultan.