Alumni Mentorship Program

On April 1, 2019 is the starting date for the new CDD program.

Three alumni volunteers with extensive business experience  Larissa Yermoshkina Class 1995, Valeriy Dordzhiyev Class 1995, , Baurzhan Issayev Class 2006  volunteered to mentor six BCB students.  We selected these alumni, because of their active involvement in KIMEP life; we paid special attention to their ability and desire to guide our students on the path of career building, professional growth and life values.

All the third year BCB students with high GPA received the information about the program. Six students submitted their CV’s and essays.

CDD did a lot of preparatory work to start this program: the best practices of mentorship program of various universities were studied, special attention was given to the mentorship program at the  Law College that is successfully managed since 2017.

We have prepared mentoring manuals for mentors and students-mentees. We organized a meeting of mentors with the Mentorship Program Coordinator at the Law School Alina Davar, she  answered questions on the program` organizational issues.

A meeting of BCB six students with mentors was organized, where mentors presented themselves to students and answered their questions. At the end of the meeting, students chose their mentors.

Throughout the year, mentors will meet with their students on campus, advise them during meetings and work online. Once every three months mentors and students will report to CDD. CDD will summarize the results of the mentorship program in April 2020 at the general meeting of mentors and students, where new mentees as well as new mentors will be presented.

This CDD program aims to strengthen the link between generations of alumni and students, to help senior students with a choice of career paths, to create a community of mentors at KIMEP University.