Madam Deputy Prime Minister Dariga Nazarbayeva Visits KIMEP University

Madam Deputy Prime Minister Dariga Nazarbayeva Visits KIMEP University

January 15th, 2016
KIMEP University 


On January 15th, 2016 Deputy Prime Minister Dariga Nazarbayeva accompanied by members of Kazakh Parliament, made a visit to KIMEP University to discuss the changing educational landscape in Kazakhstan. 

During the working meeting, Dariga Nazarbayeva raised important issues concerning the attraction of students to universities without state funding, the creation of a student-centered education culture, and universities operating under the conditions of greater academic freedom and operational transparency – with KIMEP University specifically mentioned a positive example within Kazakhstani higher education market. 

President of KIMEP University, Chan Young Bang also discussed revising higher education policies to support more qualitative assessments of the quality of instruction and outcomes and opportunities for students once they graduate. 

In supporting toward Dariga Nazarbayeva’s initiative “State Program of the Development of Education for 2016-2019” KIMEP University will play a pivotal role in helping shape the performance and impact of higher education institutions in the country.