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Online Farewell Party 2020

Unusual online format of the Farewell Party this Spring 2020 semester did not surprise our international students, as we have been living online since mid. March.

On May 2, the International Office stretched its hands through time, through distance, over the continents and countries, to hug and gratitude international degree and exchange students with the end of study and mobility at KIMEP University.

Due to pandemic of coronavirus the exchange students had to leave us so unexpectedly and were a bit embarrassed, without full experience of Kazakhstan, Almaty, and KIMEP lives.

Nevertheless, the short stay with us brought unforgettable moments of learning a new culture, traditions, making new friends, getting to know a unique campus atmosphere.

Participants of online Farewell Party exchanged their study and life experience here, recalled the most impressive cases which happened to them in Almaty, and seems have left a piece of their hearts with us, and also kept us in their memory.

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