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Erasmus+ Faculty Mobility Successful Stories

On November 21, 2019 there was a seminar, where all exchange mobility participants could meet, exchange their mobility experience, and discuss future plans of cooperation, research activity and publications, and international projects with EU partner universities – members of Erasmus + International Credit Mobility project. This time Dr. Nurseit Niyazbekov and Dr. Maganat Shegebayev made presentations about the teaching mobility experience at the University of the Basque Country, Spain; Dr. Mira Nurmakhanova shared her teaching mobility experience at Uppsala University, Sweden. Special attention was expressed by the Dean of the School of Law, Dr. Fred Mitchell Isaacs who was curious about sustainability of cooperation and profiles of the partner universities, as well as opportunities which gives such mobility. Dr. Christopher Bernard Primiano, Assistant Professor, CSS and Akhliddin Ismailov, Senior Lecturer, BCB actively discussed the topics of teaching mobility. Attendees also asked questions about the application procedure, amount of the stipend and number of places offered by partner universities, curricular of the course and other questions on logistics related to the academic mobility programs.

University of the Basque Country (Gipuzkoa Campus)


Dr. Maganat Shegebayev opened the meeting with the presentation on his mobility experience at Gipuzkoa Campus in the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) from October 21 to 25, 2019. The professor shared different aspects of his mobility including the lectures given, meeting with the university faculty and also establishing networking with the representatives from various world universities who were undergoing a training program in the same week. Dr. Shegebayev also travelled to KIMEP’s another partner university, Deusto, in Bilbao, where he met the staff of International Office to discuss further cooperation between our universities. At UPV/EHU, Dr. Shegebayev gave lectures on Business Communication in English to a group of Spanish and international students. According to the feedback received, the students and colleagues found Dr. Shegebayev’s lectures very interesting, useful and practical. The mobility led to the exchange of ideas, teaching materials and other ways of mutually enriching cooperation.

University of the Basque Country (Biscay Campus)


Dr. Nurseit Niyazbekov also visited Basque Country University for Erasmus Faculty Mobility Pogram and explained the application process along with his teaching experience in Spain. He mentioned that applying for the program was a very smooth process, however it was hard to get the visa for his stay. Both Dr. Niyazbekov and Dr. Shegebayev mentioned that students were curious about Central Asia, and Kazakhstan in particular, so they shared some information about the country and the region. Dr. Niyazbekov taught two courses about the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and about color revolution during 6 hours and spend 2 hours for collaboration with the Political science department. He had a very warm welcome during his stay in Bilbao, and is waiting for his fellow colleagues from Basque Country to visit KIMEP next year.

UPPSALA University


Dr. Mira Nurmakhanova visited Uppsala University during summer, and had a very meaningful time as this trip helped her with her Research Paper. Dr. Nurmakhanova didn’t give lectures during her stay, mainly focusing on joint meetings with faculty members and International Office’s colleagues from UPPSALA. Following her trip to Uppsala, she also had chance to visit Stockholm for Academic Seminar, where she succesfully presented her paper. Professor shared her story of applying to different mobility programs and how faculty shouldn’t give up if they get rejected from the first time, as sometimes it takes several attempts before one gets a chance to participate in the program.