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Birthday Party Fall 2019

This year the International Office hosted 83 international freshmen students. Overall 265 students are on campus now enjoying the new semester. As we found out 90 of them have had birthdays this Fall.

Keeping a good tradition and making students feeling like home, the International Office congratulated international students on their birthdays.


On the 3rd of October 2019, all gathered in the Globus center to celebrate.

International Office staff and BIS buddies sang a birthday song for them, together we blew off the candles on a big tasty birthday cake and had nice talk with a cup of tea. BIS buddies prepared and played games connected to the theme of birthdays.


Students from the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Uzbekistan and more told their interesting stories about their birth and meanings of their names. We had a wonderful time knowing each other better.

International Office wishes the students to be healthy, travel and explore the world more!