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Trip to Nomad ethnic center

KIMEP University is known as one of the diverse universities in Central Asia. It annually hosts dozens of exchange and international degree students from all over the world. This year is not an exception. 83 new students from 23 countries, in majority from China, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Singapore and USA joined KIMEP this Fall semester.

KIMEP students are a big family with different backgrounds, faith and blend of their cultures and traditions. There are lots to learn from each other and also to learn about Kazakhstan where they will at least spend a semester of their cultural exchange period. Aiming to raise awareness of unique cultural and historical heritage of Kazakhstan, KIMEP University follows the mission of the national identity programme Rukhani Zhangyru and presents opportunities to foreign students to learn Kazakhstan.


On September 20th the International Office in cooperation with BIS organization organized a trip to ethnic center Nomad. Nomad ethnic center is a unique historical and ethnographical complex spreading at the foothills of Ushkonyr, Almaty region. Presentation of century traditions, culture and life of nomadic tribes of the great steppe as sacks, usuns, kangues, turks, kazakhs and others are based in the creation of this center.

Each student had an opportunity to experience the multi-year history of steppe and to see all colors of life of ancient nomads through master classes in archery, Kazakh national cuisine, wallowing of felt, making products from ceramics, carpet weaving, yurt assembly.

At the grand opening concert of the festival students might observe the Kazakh tradition of hosting guests, way of dressing at guest reception and weddings and variety of national games. During lunch foreign students tried local food, discovering the taste of Kazakh noodles, the bread – baursaks and Uzbek pilov.