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Joint meeting of Exchange Alumni Club

International Office has more than 80 agreements with universities abroad for exchange study opportunity including 9 with full scholarship support in EU countries. In Fall 2019 68 students are expected to go to partner universities to spend a semester of their study in 14 different countries.

32 of them won Erasmus + ICM scholarships. Every semester International Office initiates a joint meeting of exchange program graduates with new applicants. This event aims at sharing study and cultural experience between students, promoting exchange programs, uniting students, and networking between students and staff. 30 students attended the Alumni Club meeting in the International Office on 20 June 2019.

The event started with tasty treats and tea session to give students time to meet, make friends, and ask questions from each other about how to stay and study in a new country. Then students who studied in University of Glasgow, UK, University of the Basque Country, Spain, and Singapore Management University, Singapore made presentations and gave useful and interesting tips on how to make an exchange semester abroad an exciting and memorable life experience!