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Trip to Lesnaya Skazka

Where: Oh-Karagai gorge, Ile Alatau, Almaty region

Main activities: hiking, skiing, horse riding, ballon trail, ropes park, paintball

Best sights: The best place to relax and feel the nature, fresh air, beautiful mountains

Where it’s at:Lesnaya Skazka Mountain Resort is set in a quiet area of the Ile-Alatau National Park, 7 km from Besqaynar and a 35-minute drive from Almaty. A skiing trail is located 400 metres away, and horse riding is offered on site. 

What We’did: The new launched organization KIMEP CAT (Central Asia Travel) started with introductory trip to Lesnaya Skazka. Originally the name of the place is translated like a “Forest Fair Tale”. Place is really popular for its nature, colorful guesthouses, horse riding, the Big Yurt and many other attractions. All international new comers get a chance to see the beauties of the nature, try traditional plov inside of national “Yurt” (National house of Kazakhs) and practice different entertainments inside of the resort.