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Trip to Charyn Canyon

Where: Southern Kazakhstan, Central Asia

Main activities: hiking or camping

Best sights: Towering, shadowy canyon walls with grey and red layers of volcanic lava

Where it’s at: Charyn Canyon is an interesting natural phenomenon located in southern Kazakhstan. Its likeness to the famous Colorado landmark means it has been dubbed ‘the Grand Canyon‘s little brother.’ Nearly 50-miles long and extending 300 to 1,000 feet high, locals often refer to this unusual giant rock sculpture as Dolina Zamkov (‘Valley of the Castles’). Sharyn Canyon (also known as Charyn Canyon) is a canyon on the Sharyn River in Kazakhstan, 200 kilometres (120 mi) east of Almaty, close to the Chinese border. The canyon is 80 or 90 kilometres (50 or 56 mi) in length.It is within the Sharyn River valley and is part of the Sharyn National Park, which was established on 23 February 2004.

What We’did: And not to skip such an opportunity to discover Charyn Canyon International KIMEP CAT team take a new destination into account. The place is very famous for its beautiful pictures and atmosphere around. It was 15 km long hiking and a lot of fun. About 50 students with the leader ahead step by step cross all the possible beauties of Charyn Canyon.

What can be said in conclusion: “It was a long drive and hiking but really joyful one day trip”