Erasmus Mundus & Exchange Alumni Club

On 12 November, the alumni of Erasmus Mundus & Exchange met in café “Nedelka” to discuss their contribution to the celebration of 25th anniversary of KIMEP University. It was a good opportunity to meet the alumni of different Erasmus Mundus Consortia and talk about their experiences.


  1. Nikita Gundarev (e-Astana) spent his exchange semester at University of the Basque Country, Spain in fall semester of 2012.
  2. Kadaria Orozakhunova (MARCO XXI) studied at Uppsala University, Sweden, in fall semester of 2014.
  3. Aichurek Arzybekova (CANEM I) spent her semesters at Banking Institute/College of Banking, Prague, Czech Republic in academic year 2015-16.
  4. Aliya Nussipova and Arailym Sadykova (CANEM II) studied at University of Huddersfiled (UK) for one academic year 2014-15.
  5. Altynay Rais, Aigana Bekpossynova, Aidana Bassenova and Zhulduz Sanbayeva (EACEA II) spent their exchange semesters at University of Graz, Austria during AY 2015-16.

Altynai Mambetova, Malika Islyamova, Zhaniya Rakhmetova (the alumni of regular exchange programs and former DIAM assistants and volunteers) also took part at the meeting. They had helped a lot to Erasmus Mundus applicants by assisting and consulting them about application procedures.

Due to their excellent academic achievements and mobility abroad, the alumni of Erasmus Mundus & Exchange are now employed in the leading companies of Kazakhstan and at different international companies/organizations, such as Air Astana, KMPG, Ernst & Young, American Chamber of Commerce, Tele 2 and others.

During the meeting, the alumni gave suggestions and shared their opinions regarding the publication of the brochure “25 Success stories of Erasmus Mundus & Exchange Alumni” devoted to the 25th anniversary of KIMEP University which is currently on plan.

After the meeting alumni visited campus of alma mater and made picture on background of the new KIMEP big letters sign.

Zhamilya Utarbayeva
Nigora Burkhonova