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Country Day: Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Uzbekistan

Country Day: Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Uzbekistan

This year we have started from small tradition to present new countries to KIMEP Community. On 9 th of February 2019 Department of International Academic Mobility in cooperation with student organization BIS invited everyone for the presentation of three countries: Kyrgyzstan, Singapore and Uzbekistan. This time students presented interesting facts about their homeland. Students from Kyrgyzstan, Meerim Izabekova

Aidai Sadyralieva and Bekjan Elebesov introduced to everyone pearl of their country such as Karakol ski resort, Issyk Kyl and regular World Nomad Games which attracts a lot of foreign guests on the regular basis. This year the games will be in the beginning of September.

Following up, representative of Singapore Management University students, Chan Wen Hao Melvin, Mohd Yatim Marican Muhammad Razeef Bin introduced everyone the past and present Singapore, its progress and development, key cultural differences and sightseeing attractions for tourists. And to conclude the series of presentation KIMEP International students from Uzbekistan, Uljan Askarova, Aysulu Tastanova, Kamila Yusupova started their presentation with a national song, showed us interesting and important facts about tradition and customs and at the end invited all guests to participate in the game with dance.

As a tradition everyone join the reception for networking and sharing ideas between each other. This time we have 2 Korean students as a guests from Kazakh National University who were happy to join our event and continue to cooperate and hang out with KIMEP students.