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Country Day: France and Japan

On March 10, 2017 one more event of the Department of International Academic Mobility dedicated to Country Day took place. This time students presented Japan and France. Event started from the presentation of Daichi Ota, non-degree student from Japan, who came with purpose to learn Russian language. Daichi shared interesting facts about Japanese culture, traditions, differences between Asian countries and the latest trend among youth, for example, such as – young Japanese are increasingly interested in uneven or snaggle teeth or that slurping is good thing in Japan, etc.

Exchange students from Partner University Rennes School of Business, France – Aamina Rahouadj and Tristan Praud presented the next country. Students prepared modern slideshow with information about France. It was interesting to learn what people think about France, and how does that comply with the reality – the way French people used to live before, their current lifestyle, national cuisine, fashion brands and well-known facts. Moreover, Tristan and Aamina shared information about celebrities and famous sportsmen, as well as many other interesting things that not everyone might knew before.

This time event was attended Severin van Gastel, Officer for Academic Cooperation of Consulate General of France in Almaty. Mr. Severin van Gastel gave a speech about differences between local people and French and shared his experience of stay in Central Asia.

Event concluded with reception and photo session of speakers and participants. Students and all guests had a great chance to ask international students some questions, to listen to Japanese and French songs, to socialize among each other and to enjoy a friendly international atmosphere.