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Textbook Rental Center

Textbooks are issued to KIMEP students in the Centre for Renting Textbooks (TRC) for a rental fee in accordance with the Regulation. TRC involves the placement of a mandatory security deposit for the use of rented textbooks. The amount of the security deposit is determined by the KIMEP administration and may be revised periodically.
1. The process to rent textbooks
1) The student makes a security deposit in the amount of KZT 36 460 by bank transfer. See following bank details:
2) Then check out textbooks assigned to his or her course in the Valikhanov Reading Room. In order to rent a book the student must provide the confirmation of registration for the class (transcript) and Library ID card.
2. Rental fee
Rental fee is calculated at 25% of the total cost of the textbook (the cost of the textbook, plus taxes, shipping costs, and customs duties) and deducted from the balance of the security deposit.
The textbook rental fee is not refundable for any reason (including withdrawal from the university or class).
3. Return of security deposit
After graduation, the remaining balance of the security deposit is returned to the student.
Refund of security deposit is made in the following order:
1)The student makes online request available at the website www.kimep.kz (Student’s portal, Library refund)
2) The Student submits following documents:
• IBAN code
• Copy of the state ID card
The balance of the security deposit is transferred to the student’s bank card account (10 working days) after making the request and submitting documents.
The balance of the security deposit is not refundable after 3 years from the date of graduation.
4. Return of textbooks
Within 3 (three) working days after the end of final exams the student must return all rented textbooks for a semester to the Center in a good condition except the case of normal wear and tear.
In the case of a late return of rented textbooks, the student pays a penalty to the Center 780 tenge for each day of delay until the next semester.
If the textbook is not returned within one month after the fixed term of textbook repayment, the Center will deduct the replacement cost of the textbook from the amount of the security deposit.
If the returned textbook has been damaged during the time it was rented, the Center charges for the amount of damages from the amount of security deposit, as follows:
• severe damage, torn pages – 100%;
• pages damaged by marking by ink, paint or other substance – 50%;
• minor damage – 15%.
Rules of renting textbooks are subject to change.

Library Loan


Library materials circulate according to item status (main collection, reserve item, reference item, etc.) and type of borrower. For students, main collection library materials circulate according to these guidelines:

Undergraduate students: 2 weeks, 1 renewal, 5 item limit

Graduate students: 4 weeks, 1 renewal, 10 item limit

For textbooks in the Reserve collection, circulation is irrespective type of student. Textbooks from the Reserve collection are allowed to be checked out over night and should be returned by 10:30 the following morning.

Textbooks that are held in the Reserve collection but that are still available through the Textbook Rental Center for rental are available for overnight check out from the Reserves Collection only with a fee of 780 KZT.

Fiction collection items are allowed to be checked out for 4 weeks with one renewal; 3 item limit.

Overdue fines are levied when items are overdue, mutilated or missing (see below, Fees and Fines).


If a student or faculty member has found an item in the catalog that has been checked out by another patron, he may request that the library issue a recall notice to the patron who has this item.  Within three days of receiving such notice the person notified must return the material to the library. Failure to return a recalled item on time will incur overdue fines of 780 tenge per day until the item is returned, and the current replacement cost of the item if not returned within 7 days of the recall notice due date.

Reserves Collection

The purpose of the reserves collection is to make limited information resources available to all students who enroll in a course.

When a department notifies the library that a specific title is assigned reading for a course, the library withdraws that title from circulation and places it on reserve in one of the reading rooms. Reserve titles can be used only in the library reading rooms.

To use a reserve title in the reading room students should deposit their ID with the circulation librarian before receiving the item. There is a time limit on using the item, determined by the circulation librarian, after which it should be returned to the circulation desk for another person’s use.

When there are multiple copies of a reserve title on the reading room shelves, the circulation librarian may permit a student to use the reserve title outside of the reading room for 2 hours maximum. The student must deposit ID with the circulation librarian during this time. An overdue fine may be incurred if material is not returned on time (see Fees and Fines section).

The overnight loan of reserve titles can be arranged 2 hours before the library closes, usially 20:00. The student must deposit ID with the library overnight. Items are due the next morning by 10:30 a.m.  Fines may be incurred by the student if the title is returned late (see below, Fees and Fines)

Reference and Periodicals

Reference works, periodicals and journals are located on the third floor of the main library building.  These are non-circulating materials and may be used only in the Reference and Periodicals areas.

Fee and Fines

The textbook rental fee deposit is 36460  tenge.

Replacement ID cards are 1000 tenge.

A fee of 780 tenge is charged any student for overnight check out of any material in the Reserve collection if that item is still available for rental at the Textbook Rental Center (if not available for rental, checkout is free).

In general, overdue fines are 780 tenge per day per item checked out for a period of more than one day; 780 tenge per hour for any item checked out overnight.

Failure to return a recalled item on time will incur overdue fines of 780 tenge per day until the item is returned, and the current replacement cost of the item if not returned within three days  of the recall notice due date.

A student is responsible for the any books borrowed under his name (through his card). The student should inspect the book prior to taking it out of the library to ensure that it is in good condition. The library staff will note and record any deficiencies in the book’s condition. The student will be charged for any damage to a book while checked out in his name. Damaged or unreturned books will be charged on the following basis as determined by the Deputy Director or Director of the Library:

  • Mutilated item – current replacement cost of the book (current retail price plus taxes plus shipping plus import duties)
  • Badly marked or torn pages – proportional to the amount of damage based on current replacement cost of the item, as calculated by the library
  • Minor wear and tear – cost of repair
  • Failure to return an item for any reason will result in a fine, typically 3 to 5 times the original cost of the item; this fine is not refundable.

Patrons observed violating these regulations may be asked to leave the library. In case of repeated violations, or a single egregious violation (as determined by the Deputy Director or Director of the library), the student patrons may be denied access to the library and library resources, and may be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs and Academic Disciplinary Committee.

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