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For Faculty

Room Reservation

The OGEL’s conference room and computer laboratory are available for one-time course presentations, meetings, visiting lecturers, special events, etc. during library service hours.
The procedure for reserving rooms is:

  • contact and determine the date and time of reservation, ext. # 2503, (Library Administrative Office) a week before the planned event;
  • fill out the Room Reservation form;
  • bring the form to room #105 in the library building;

The Conference Room (#303) is in the reading room hall on the 3d floor. It is equipped with LCD projector connected to the computer and has places for 30 visitors. The tables and chairs may be arranged to suit your study needs.
The Computer Laboratory (# 104) is on the 1st floor. It has 13 computers for students and one computer connected to a LCD projector for the person conducting the lesson.
If you have any questions please contact Library Administrative Office ext. # 2503.

Ordering Library Resources

At KIMEP University, as at other Western-style institutions of higher education, students are encouraged to rent the course textbooks and other materials they require for study throughout the semester (or acquire their own).

In Fall Semester 2005, the university implemented a textbook rental service to assist students who cannot purchase their required course materials. (see Textbook rental section). The service was developed in response to student and faculty complaints about the lack of available textbooks, and designed to increase the number of textbooks available to students by transferring some of the financial responsibility for textbooks to students.

In the style of Western higher education, you may be accustomed to choose your own course textbooks. University’s textbook rental service limits your choice in that any title must be assigned at least 4 times in order the university could recover the title’s purchase cost. This requires you to consult with your departmental colleagues to make a mutually satisfactory choice when you select the primary textbook that will be required reading for any particular course.

All requests for course textbooks are handled by Library Access Services Department, circulation desk, library 2nd floor. If you are a new faculty member, please visit the circulation desk to learn about textbook titles already available for the courses you will teach. If you are preparing to teach a new course, please visit the circulation desk to obtain the necessary paperwork to request a new textbook title for the rental service. If you are preparing to teach an existing course, please notify the circulation desk of the textbook title that you would like us to prepare for rental to students: x2524.

In addition to core textbooks you may make a request for additional secondary (reference) titles which you think are necessary for students to read, or are worth to be in the library collection.

Instructional services
The library provides individual tutorial lectures or interactive classes on library resources and services for your students. Please contact X2506 or slena@kimep.kz to arrange classes.

Contact us

E-Mail: library@kimep.kz